Author Topic: Some Background On Pillbox38 (UK) and (USA) and Tecc.Business Structure/History  (Read 26931 times)

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Awesome story!!!

Any plans on opening a store front on the west coast? Sometimes, i want my liquids like yesterday..... you know?!

congrats and wishing you,Pillbox, continues success!!! :)

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Awesome, what a journey it has been for you
And loads of fun I bet too ...
Keep it up  :) :)

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Excellent work. keep it up.

I have had a great service when buying products / liquid.

My only problem (and this is not a problem of totally wicked at all), is that the whole e-cig thing needs to be explained to a new user.

It felt quite daunting what I would need to get up and running with no guidance who or what to turn to.
A potential vaper will not know atomisers, cartridges etc.
Fortunately the kits are great and contain everything to start vaping and the videos really help.

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got to respect u for putting yourself on the line like that  ;)

now .. business .... wheres the london shop ? lol ;)

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Great read.
Most only tell you the good parts, nice to see an open account on how you got started.
Good luck in the future.
It is refreshing to have someone that listens to the customers and endeavours to give them what they actually want and not what they think you should have.
 (That makes sense doesn’t it )   

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We could use a lounge in the Chicago area.  It would be great to go and physically look at all the new things and be able to leave with them in hand. Although my bank account might not appreciate it. It might also bring some awareness of what the e cig is.

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I have to say, that it's nice knowing, that you didn't make this company only to make money, but also because you believe in the products you sell, and thereby giving others the opportunity to have a go at it as well.

I can, without a shadow of a doubt, tell you, that the CS you provide is by far the best.
I have heard no bad things about it, and I'm proud to say that I vape on the Tornado Tank :D I don't think anything compares to it's durability :D

Of all the companies I've ever shopped at, you have the best one.

So keep it up, and make sure that we'll always have the TW-website to come back to :D

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Thank you for sharing this story with us. :)
I just ordered an ego-c kit with 10x10ml liquid tonight, and when my payment went throught, i allmost thought i was scammed wen i saw "pillbox38" as receiver of my money. Hahah good times.
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Just read this and it is FANTASTIC. Thought I would post this so that it would appear as a new posting so that new members like myself would see it. Truly awesome story.

Any chance of an update ?

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cheers for finding wayne, a very good read! :)

Also known as Ben

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Great read, I saw a video of Jason talking about this ................ does anyone know where it is?

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Wow that is a very inspiring story of a self made business. When I first started using e cigs I did not know that much about the whole thing, and my deal was definitely not as good as i could have gotten. Hope you succeed in growing your business more and more. Good luck.


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