Author Topic: Perfect Recipe for American Red Tobacco Lights/Virginia Blend  (Read 4552 times)

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Just came up with a very nice recipe for what tastes to me like a cross between marb lights and marb virginia blend. It has a nice throat hit that is pronounced but not overly wicked with a slight presence in the lungs. Nice smooth taste on the exhale with a sweet nutty taste undertone finish. Recipe is as follows.
TW Tobacco Americanno PR 18mg-8 drops
Dekang Turkish Tobacco Blend 24mg-4 drops
Word Up Parliament 100% VG 18 mg-4 drops
Word Up 555/State Express 100% VG 18mg-2 drops
Word Up Hazlenut 100% VG 11mg-2 drops

I mix this in a small bottle using a clean dropper from empty TW bottle sucking it up and squirting it out 7 or 8 times to ensure a nice mix.
This is a very nice juice that is quickly growing on me. Although Americanno is till my favorite all day vape, this one hits the spot very nicely after dinner and after taking a nap. Very good stuff.


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