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Vaping on airplanes and in airports ....
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Don't know where the threads have been on this lately but ... just flew to CA and back. Walking through the airport stealth vaping is a beautiful thing! Nobody would imagine what I'm doing, so vape on! STEATHY though .... no vapor exhale.

On the plane, I asked one attendant, on one flight, if she had seen "this" before. She said, "We were warned about those, they are not allowed if we see them." I said, "A-ha, don't let them see it."

So, I didn't say anything else. I felt better going to the restroom to have a good fix, and know this ... the SMOKE detector is for smoke, it doesn't care about vapor ... vape on!

On one flight, just to see if I could, I took a few hits sitting in the window seat and the lady next to me was utterly clueless .... vape on!!

So ... learn to stealth vape AND .... to be sure I'd be happy, I normally vape 6-8 mg, but I keep 24 mg on hand for these occasions. On the plane I had 24mg which is very strong for me and satisfying. And since it is so strong, it is easy to do with no exhale vapor. And, the checkpoint doesn't care, these are completely legal to carry and I had 45 ml of juice in my carry bag (in case my checked luggage got lost).

So ... a good experience. And, speaking of stealth vaping, I pretty much vape EVERYWHERE now, in stealth as needed, so as not to freak people out. Any store, any restaurant, any airport, rental cars, motel rooms, in the mall, and on and on ... VAPE ON brothers and sisters!

good deal Will. Good to see you back on the forum as well have been wondering where ya ran off too.. now I know... traveling the country to see how many places you can vape :).. all good

--- Quote from: dusther on November 18, 2010, 04:45:07 PM ---good deal Will. Good to see you back on the forum as well have been wondering where ya ran off too.. now I know... traveling the country to see how many places you can vape :).. all good

--- End quote ---

Hey Dust ... well, popped in for some reason. I always run hot and cold in the forums, all forums. Starts to get ... kind of repetitive after a while. :)

It's all good,
Same experience here on a flight a couple weeks ago.  I stealth vaped in my seat without issue.  However, I was mindful not to let any of the attendants see me doing it.  They probably would not have made an issue out of it, but you never know.  People have been arrested on planes for simply using bad language with an attendant.  Flying is ridiculous anymore.  I avoid it whenever possible.
Darth Vaper:
On my recent trip to the Lounge I vaped on the plane. The Titan Tobacco and a cartomizer is great for it.... hold it in for 15-20 seconds and nothing comes out. Doing it that way you don't have to do it as much either as your getting all the Nic.

I was just acting like it was a pen I was biting on nobody was the wiser.  :P I never did ask if it was OK to vape on the plane.. and when I did it I did not advertise it or flaunt it.

For the most part in the airport I just ducked into the bathroom.......In one security screening I actually left my Tornado in my pocket and the alarm didn't go off.... was a bit stumped about it.

Only thing you have to remember is to put your liquid in a sealed bag for carry on. The people screening your bags don't hassle you one bit about it just as long as your liquids are in the bag.... I had a couple of 5ml bottles in my pocket .... which was not a problem.... and did not need a bag for them.

Was a great trip not to have to deal with nicotine deprivation.
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