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problem with e-liquid...can I just dilute?
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Hi all, love this forum, so helpful!

I have a bit of a problem, and I'm hoping you guys can help!

For some reason I was sent 4 boxes of 36mg Menthol E-liquid when I actually ordered 18mg, but aw well, mistakes happen.

I'm actually looking at this as an excuse to start messing around with my own mixing!

Basically, can I buy some Propelyene Glycol. Pharmacopoeia-Grade 60ml liquid, and some empty bottles, and just dilute the e-liquid down to 18mg? 18mg is half 36mg, so should I just create a 50/50 mix?

thanks in advance!

You can but you will likely find that the flavor is not as strong as it was originally.

It may still be strong enough though depending on your tastes.
Ah thanks! I also thought of buying some flavouring and adding some of that. Would that work?
Menthol is a funny one. When you dilute it but half it doesnt really loose much flavor. Julie only vapes menthol and always buy 36mg and dilutes to 18mg and says there is no difference.
I buy flavorless juice and then add flavor so that I can control the level of nicotine, flavor and vapor more closely without having to do a lot calculations but if you find it isn't strong enough, getting some flavoring and adding it, although only a very little at a time with the Menthol, would likely work.

But as DDRacer suggests, try diluting a little bit first and try that as you may find it is strong enough.  If it ends up not strong enough, you haven't wasted too much of it either although a half weak vape is better than no vape at all. ;)
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