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Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« on: May 18, 2009, 04:11:11 PM »
Reviews coming soon.

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Re: Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2009, 12:10:10 PM »
Over the past couple of days Iíve tested this one out with the Titan, 901 and the EVO, couple of reason really, 1 Iíve took it out and about with me and 2 to get the full appreciation of the flavour.

The liquid itself is quite a pale straw colour and has a really nice smell of watermelon to it, very nice indeed.

Kicked this one off with the Titan using a freshly drained atomiser and a new cartridge. First impressions were pretty good, in fact very good considering the Titan tends to mask the flavours a little. I could really taste the watermelon flavour. I must admit Iíve not had watermelon for quite a long time and I seem to remember the taste being quite watery. You could probably compare this one to some watermelon flavoured sweets (candy) or something like that rather than a slice of watermelon.

Vapor production was good as usual, but I guess thatís to be expected with the Titan. I am getting a bit of throat hit from it but nothing major, this is an 18mg liquid but for some reason I donít seem to get that big hit I got when I first started vaping.

Using both the 901 and the EVO the flavour is slightly stronger but less vapour and hit but still a damn good vape. Thatís pretty much all I can say about these as Iíve tended to stick with the Titan as Iím really getting the flavour with it.

I think fruit wise Iíve only tried TW Cherry, Strawberry and lemon and made a DIY mix of Apple but I have to say watermelon is my favorite fruity type flavour so far. Iíd go as far as saying it tastes better than the real thing.

Would I continue to vape it? In a word ĎYesí. Since starting on this Iíve not put it down so I think that says it all.

Would I buy it? In the 5 months Iíve been vaping I thought Iíd come to conclusion recently that tobacco type flavours were my preference but I guess this throws a spanner in the works and I would definitely buy this one.

Flavour: 8/10
Flavour Strength: 8.5/10
Vapor: 7/10
Throat Hit: 3/10 (Possibly become immune to the throat hit)

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Re: Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2009, 07:20:18 AM »
not being a big fan of eating watermelon, i really was not expecting to enjoy this juice very much...........i was wrong!

the juice is a very pale shade of yellow and is nice and clear with no "nasties" floating about in it. when taking of the lid you get a nice smell that is very similar to a real watermelon but not too sweet and overpowering.

using my manual TITAN, i loaded up a cart plus dropped a few drops directly onto the fully drained atomiser. several apprehensive drags later and i was completely enjoying this juice! i found the taste to be very similar to a real watermelon and it was also very refreshing too. it does not taste too arteficial or overly sweet like how a lot of fruit flavours do and not overpowering at all. its not the strongest flavour in the world, but that is a good thing as otherwise i would not be able to put it in my "vape all day" catagory.......besides, real watermelon is not exactly strong in taste!

it kinda reminds me of these sweets i used to get as a kid. they were also watermelon flavour (i think!) and came in a tube or tub. tiny little green beads of candy would best describe them.........wish i could remember the damn name of them! lol

vapour production was also pretty good. not amazingly good, but still slightly above average id say. i would describe the vapour as a heavy mist / light fog.
throat hit was also very good. a mouth inhale gives me a nice "kick" in the back of my throat and a direct lung inhale gives me that raspy feeling that i know other people enjoy.

overall, a very surprisingly nice juice!

Flavour:     9 out of 10
Vapour:     7 out of 10
Throat Hit: 8 out of 10

Total score 24 out of 30 giving a final average score of:-

8 out of 10 

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Re: Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2009, 10:53:31 AM »
Like igetcha, Im not overly keen on watermelon but I DO like this juice.

Ive been vaping it for almost a week now and even though it DOES taste like watermelon, I still find it to be a really nice vape...its a strange one.

I First tried it on a Titan (Drained atomiser, freshly cleaned and filled cartridge).
My first drag was surprisingly nice.... I got a slightly sweet and tangy taste which did have good hints of watermelon. It was on the exhale that I thought  :o "This tastes EXACTLY like watermelon - only better".
On the exhale I really get a nice strong taste of watermelon, but when inhaling I personally just get more of a generic sweet/tangy taste.
I was quite surpriced at the taste I got from this juice on the Titan....deffinitely not overly sweet or 'sickly'....just nice.
Throat hit was very good In my oppinion. Compared to some of my other 18mg juices, this stuff seems pretty strong to me. It gives a good strong kick at the back of the throat.
Vapour production also seems above average.... Im actually getting nice thick vapour from this stuff, it even inspired me to learn to blow better smoke rings in my downtime (Thanks to Scott's vid ;) ).

When I tried this liquid directly dripped onto an EVO atomiser... it was a different experience again - still a good one though.
Vapour production did not seem as good (compared to other 18mg liquids on the EVO), and the throat hit seemed quite a bit milder than on the Titan.
The flavour though, was intensified (as with the Titan, the real watermelon flavour shone through on the exhale).
It actually made my mouth water, although this may be because the taste reminded me of Jolly Rancher sweets/candy....very nice indeed.

Once again I have been very pleasantly surprised by an e-liquid I wasnt sure I would like.
This stuff is tasty... and even though it tastes like watermelon, I like it! A LOT.
I can and have vaped it all day without finding it too sweet or overpowering/sickly etc. It giving me good vapour and throat hit, especially on the Titan. It just seems like a good all-rounder, even for someone who like me who doesnt actually like watermelon.
As fruit flavour juices go; This is the best one Ive tried so far.

Flavour: 8/10 (it does taste like watermelon - but better? Its a strange one)
Vapour Production: 7/10 (Great on the Titan, not so much on the EVO)
Throat Hit: 8/10 (GREAT on the Titan, not so much on the EVO)

Overall I think I would have to give this juice an overall score of 8/10.

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Re: Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« Reply #4 on: May 27, 2009, 02:18:10 PM »
Tried this on the Titan, with a fresh cart and a clean att (didn't try it on the Evo as I've somehow managed to lose all my batteries :'( )
To me, it doesn't really taste like watermelon, mainly because as others have said, it has too much flavour. It doesn't have that washed out melon taste you get with watermelon, but more the rich taste of a honeydew or similar. It's certainly melon flavoured.... no doubt about that! In fact, it's the strongest taste (other than mint/menthol) I've come across in the titan so far. It's a nice rounded flavour, without the distinct artificialness a lot of flavours get, and its sweet without being overly cloying. I'm not a huge fan of sweet flavours, but this was nice enough that it might well earn a place in my collection. It wouldn't work for me as an all day vape, but as a change, it's extremely nice :)

Flavour 9/10  - Lovely melon flavour, even in something as taste unfriendly as the titan.
Flavour strength 9/10 - Too much melon flavour to be watermelon, really, but it's melon flavoured, and very nice
Vapour 6/10 - Pretty average
Throat hit 6/10 - 18mg is a little on the light side for me, but it has a noticeable hit.
Overall 7.5/10 - Fruity, sweet without being sickly. Very enjoyable :)
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Re: Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« Reply #5 on: June 01, 2009, 09:19:41 PM »
Ok guys sorry its late. Router conked out.

I was looking forward to the watermelon flavour as I prefer the fruit based liquids and I have not been disappointed at all. It has not got a very strong scent when you open the bottle unlike some others but I've found that don't judge a liquid on this alone, the apple flavour was just the same. It is a light coloured liquid and is up to TW's usual excellent standards. I've vaped it in both the Titan and the 901 and I'm very happy with it, to be honest I've almost finished the bottle already.  As for the taste, its not exactly watermelon its more like a watermelon flavoured sweet. Something like I think they were called Jolly Rancher but don't let this put you off at all! I find it almost refreshing and has a lovely taste.

The vapor production is very good in the 901 and as usual even better in the Titan but unlike other liquids the flavour does not "drop off" that much with the Titan! A fine liquid indeed. Throat hit is I would say about average, nothing to shout about really but it is definitely there but in no way is it harsh.

My verdict is; Try it! You won't regret it.

Flavour 8/10 - Very tasty, like watermelon and then some.
Vapor Production 7/10 - Good but not amazing.
Throat hit 7/10 - About middle of the board here.

Overall - 8.5/10 Its a flavour I would buy without a doubt.

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« Reply #6 on: June 02, 2009, 03:25:11 AM »

510Titan - Although this model has a reputation for being a "flavor killer" I seem to
get the best results with this model at this time.

The color is a very light yellow and clean.


A light sweet fruit scent!  The "Watermelon" is not a "Jolly Rancher" scent... just
very sweet and light.

The flavor is very consistant through the whole draw... in and out very sweet
and "clean" tasting flavor. This vapor was so clean tasting I didn't find myself
reaching for a drink as often as usual after a few vape sessions!

Mouth Draw (Drawing vapor into your mouth, then rest, and inhale to your lungs)
Very faint but pleasant and fresh. Doesn't have any real "Hit" but I may be getting
to used to my 36mg?!?.

I can't honestly say this is watermelon. I even had a survey among 2 others and
can't say honeydew... I want to say.... KIWI?!?!?!
I know that's not the label but it's the best description I can give on flavor ... It seems
to be a green melon flavor but sweeter?  It's been tough trying to describe the flavor
in my world but I really do like it! And yes, this is from a tobacco flavor vaper! :)

I don't buy a lot of  sweet flavor vaper. BUT, I like this flavor ... Don't get me wrong,
it's not watermelon per se but it is a light fruity flavor that tastes very clean! It was
very refreshing actually!!!


This one definitely has a place on the "Sweet Tooth" menu! I just don't know what to
call it!

Flavour: 8 / 10 (but it's not watermelon!)
Vapor: 7/10 (average)
Throat Hit: 5/10
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Re: Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« Reply #7 on: June 02, 2009, 04:23:10 PM »

I use a 901 with a clean atomiser and a fresh cart to review the watermelon.

The smell as you open the bottle is fairly sweet with a hint of melon. It didnít take long to work out that it was melon but not watermelon more of a cantaloupe. Watermelon has very little taste to me and this had a strong sweet taste, very nice and not at all sickly. To me the inhale is the same as the exhale which is quite unusual for a flavour.

I have found that the sweet flavours are not for me but this was quite nice and pleasant. The flavour isnít harsh and the vapour production is quite average.

I really canít think of anything else to say apart from it was a very nice vape and one that could be used all day.

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Re: Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« Reply #8 on: June 05, 2009, 09:44:41 PM »
Watermelon 18mg Review

E-cig used, 901 Screwdriver

Nice light colour to this one, a good smell of watermelon from the bottle, really looking foreward to this one as i have read good reviews on watermelon flavour on other forums.

I took a good lungfull of this one and the taste of watermelon was immediately apparent, quite a harsh taste i found on inhale but smoothes out on the exhale, but after vaping it for a good few hours i found i wasnt really liking it to be honest, i find it a very chemically taste,harsh and quite sickly after a while,maybe i'm finding it a bit to sweet, i dont know, nice and refreshing for a short vape, but for an all day vape it's not for me.

Vapour production was ok, vapour was quite thin but plentifull

If your into really fruity flavours i would recommend this one, it just wasnt for me, i couldn't get over that chemical taste

Flavour      5/10 (starts well then goes downhill for me)

Vapour      7/10 (decent volume but quite thin)

Throat Hit  8/10 (above par for 18mg)

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Re: Watermelon 18mg - May 2009
« Reply #9 on: June 29, 2009, 07:02:46 PM »
I am completely and utterly biased with this flavour. I have spent three weeks trying to come up with something impartial to say about watermelon, and I have struggled!

It's fair to say that whereas some people prefer tobacco flavours,  for the most part I really enjoy the fruit flavours. Watermelon is without doubt amongst my favourite of the non-tobacco flavours, and until Totally Wicked started to stock it, I was using Eastmalls.

For those amongst you unfamiliar to watermelon, it is very strong and fruity indeed, but watermelon it isn't. Watermelon tends to be a watery sweet flavour which is indescribable in the fact it is an indistinct taste, whereas this is the full sweet fragrant taste of a ripe honeydew melon with a hint of the melon found in jelly sweets thrown in. How is can be so 'sweet' in perception when it's being vaped I don't know but it's possibly that the flavourings added marry exceptionally well with the VG. There is plenty of rich earthy fruit flavours. If you love melons then you will love this.

The differences between the TW version of watermelon, and that from Eastmall, is a slightly fuller and deeper flavour. It is different, in that it loses just a hint of the melon jelly sweet flavour and gains a little more 'true' melon taste.

As with all the TW flavours, the throat hit is very reasonable and the vapour production is pleasing, when used with the usual (801, 901, screwdriver). As others have said, watermelon is also an excellent vape in the Titan with the flavour still being dominant.

I guess the only impartial advice I can give at the end of this review is to say that you may not like this if you really only prefer the tobacco flavours, but if you can get your hands on a sample I think many of you who think you don't like the fruit liquids may be won over by this.


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