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State Express - February 2009
« on: February 17, 2009, 06:35:55 PM »
Reviews coming soon.

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Re: State Express - February 2009
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2009, 09:31:18 PM »
I've been testing this one out again using the SuperMini dripping onto the Atomizer and i also filled a couple of carts and took it out with me on Saturday night with the EVO, but can't really comment as i don't really remember too much of the night, but apparently i was happily vapin' away in most of the pubs and don't remember getting booted out!  ???

First off the smell, it smells quite nice, sort of a nutty smell to it. It reminds me of Honey Roasted Cashew nuts, sweetish but not over powering like the ginseng was. Its another 36mg so again pretty damn strong. The throat hit is very strong, even stronger than the Ginseng to me, every drag you take you really feel that hit on the back of your throat. Vapour wise its another good one, producing plenty of vapour with both the SuperMini and the EVO. This is only the second 36mg i've tried but i can see a pattern emerging as both lots have had that good strong throat hit and produced plenty of vapour.

Flavour wise it's pretty weak, i'm just getting a slight taste of what i can only describe as peanut butter (i think?). There's no after taste and defiantly no problem polluting the atomizer with this one. I don't mind peanut butter so its quite a nice vape for me and have got quite use to it. I don't get much of a tobacco flavour from this one considering Express State 555 is a cigarette brand, but i've never tried one so can't really compare the two. I've tried a few of tobacco type flavours and i actually prefer them to the fruit/sweet flavours. Personally this one isn't as good as just the 'Tobacco' flavour but still pretty good and i'm more than happy to vape it...

...The only downside to this one for me is it's far too strong, the first go on this it went straight to my head and i ended up falling asleep on the couch (and missed The Weakest Link :()! The strength isn't a huge problem as i've cut it 50/50 with some glycerin and it tones it right down making it what i think is quite a nice spoke. It's weakened the flavour even more now but made it a little sweeter and now i think its tasting more like the smell i first described 'Honey Roasted Cashew Nuts' (or what ever the sweet tasting cashews are).

Overall i quite enjoyed this one, could happily vape this no problem as long as its not at full strength.

Flavour: 7/10 (Quite like peanut butter)
Flavour Strength: 3.5/10 (Not the strongest flavour i've tasted)
Vapor: 9/10
Throat Hit: 11/10 (Ultimate throat hit, possibly a little too strong  :o)

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Re: State Express - February 2009
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2009, 10:03:52 AM »
State Express 36mg Review

The e-cigs i used to review this one were the DSE 901 with USB passthrough and the Titan both with fresh atomizers (i'm running out fast)

This is a very light coloured liquid and of medium consistancy, the smell of the liquid is very pleasant indeed, i was expecting a harsh smell with it being 36mg, the highest strength normally are, but this one is quite delicate, if it could be sold in an air freshener i would buy it, a very sweet nutty smell, the best i have smelt so far,and i have had my nose in a few.

I dripped this in my 901 and the vapour was excellent, throat hit is also good but not as harsh as the ginseng, .The taste/flavour is very light indeed and ultra smooth, i have to fully agree with a previous review and say peanut butter, this hits it on the head for me and although it has a very mild taste it definately grows on you the more you vape it, lovely stuff.

I switched to the Titan next and filled and empty cart with it, once again the vapour was superb, denser, more along the lines of real cig smoke and the Evo, people commented they could smell the vapour on this liquid, a sweet light smell is how it was described, not unpleasant at all, it got the thumbs up from non-smokers! taste was once again still fairly mild but creamy as well, i have found the Titan transfers flavour better than a 901,very impressed.

To sum this one up i would describe it as a bit of a sleeping giant, i must admit if i hadn't been sent a sample i would not have even condidered it, the name alone doesn't do it justice and i would/have just passed it right by, this is an extremely smooth light flavoured vape, one i could happily vape all day,the all important throat hit is there and the taste becomes more subtle the more you vape it.
The only down side i can say is the sample has all gone within 24hrs, i definitaly think this one needs reviewing again at a later date Abe/Jason  ;)

Throat hit 10/10

Vapour     10/10

Flavour     8.5/10  (gets better the more you vape it)

Thanks for reading   :)
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Re: State Express - February 2009
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2009, 10:14:15 PM »
hi guys,

im going to take the unusual step of not doing a video review on the state express because its a sample that is not available for sale yet.

first off, thanks goffski and TW for sending the juice out to sure i speak for the other guys who recieved it too

when viewing the liquid you can clearly see that it is very clear, with no "debris" or impurities floating about. its very light in colour and the liquid itself is very thickness to it at all. this im sure will lead to topping up carts on a very regular basis as the liquid will pass from the cart to the atomiser with ease!
i see some guys are referring to the smell as peanut butter and i can understand where they are coming from, but for me its far more of a burnt caramel fragrance..........thats not a bad thing though, i like that smell!

i tested the state express using a DSE801 pen style with USB pass thru. i had enough juice to fill 1 cart (801 carts are massive!) and to add two drops to the atomiser in order to get the full effect of the taste, vapour and throat hit.


on the inhale i was actually very surprised by the extremely smokey flavour it produced and i felt it was very cigarette like indeed. but on the exhale i get a totally different taste altogether............the exhale produced a taste that was of burnt caramel mixed with cigarette smoke. again, i really like the taste of burnt caramel so its not a bad thing!

so, in summary a very nice smokey sweet taste of caramel..........big thumbs up!

coincidently, i used to have a bottle of camel juice that i mixed 50/50 with glycerine that tastes exactly the same!


vapour production using the 801 was great.........not as good as some other juices i have but nether the less very good indeed. i found the vapour not as thick as i liked but there was certainly plenty of it, though i would describe it as low density (kinda like thick mist rather than fog). when blowing rings, which is how i normally judge the thickness of vapour they did not have much weight behind them and soon a slight negative there

throat hit:

well im used to vaping the 36mg stuff as i like a strong throat hit but this was a little too much even for me. it certainly packs a huge punch but is also quite harsh. i like a big kick in the back of my throat but dont enjoy the harshness as much as it is slightly irritable. if this was in the 24mg strength then it would be the perfect throat hit.

so in conclusion i find this to be a very nice tasting vape and one i could happily use all day, but i would personally go for the 24mg strength if it becomes available as i feel it would be more enjoyable for long term use.

if the sweetness of the caramel could be toned down a little then i think that state express would be the most cigarette tasting juice on the market. there are tons of juices out there that taste like rolling tobacco such as hilton, virginia and french pipe but none that actually taste like a real proper fag!

taste - 8 out of 10
vapour - 7 out of 10
throat hit - 10 out of 10

would i buy it? most definitely!!!

ps......after doing a little research im under the impression that state express is also know as "555". (though dont quote me on that!) if it is 555 then rumour has it that it can actually help to keep your atomiser clean!  though i dont think there is actually any proof of that!

once again, cheers TW and goffski



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Re: State Express - February 2009
« Reply #4 on: February 19, 2009, 11:07:06 PM »
I can't really say a lot that hasn't already been said in the previous reviews. All of it correct i.e. really good throat hit and vapour production. Tried it with the mega Titan first, it was fantastic. Now using it with the DSE and its still bloody good stuff!!!

The scent from the bottle is a caramel nutty one, not strong, but extremely pleasant. When vaping, the flavour quickly develops as slightly 'tobacco' in base with much stronger peanut brittle overtones. It isnt a smack in the head taste, in terms of strength, to me the flavour is just spot on. I have vaped my way through the sample and will definately be buying a bottle of this!!!

Something I would use as an all-day vape.

Highly recommended, this one.

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Re: State Express - February 2009
« Reply #5 on: February 21, 2009, 05:29:53 PM »
I guess Im one of the members old enough to remember 555 State Express cigarettes going on sale (as 45p for 20  :o those were the days).  They were bloody awful  :D but being a kid still on pocket money and what I could earn on the milk, we bought them anyway, (well they were better than No6 or Sovereign)

Well Im glad to say this liquid tasted nothing like them. ;D

As per my last review I used a freshly cleaned and charged evo, a black mini (not the one I vaped ginseng in that died  :'(  just got a replacement Thanks Jason  ;) ) and finally my steel classic on USB.
This time I dripped on each, as this does seem to be the best way to try a flavour (IMO)

Liquid Colour - Pale amber, very faint nutty odour, about average thickness.

Vapour 8/10
Odour quite subtle copy of vape flavour, not unpleasant. Was vaping this in the car and wife commented it smelt quite pleasant (and shes a non smoker now). Maybe its my devices (and the fact I didnt give it enough chance in my smoke stack (pen) but I found vapour quantity good but not exceptional. (IMO)

Taste 10/10
VERY NICE, quite rounded, sits on the front of the tongue, slightly sweet (but not overly) reminiscent of roasted peanuts (as in the Monkey Nuts oven roasted in the shell).

Hit 8/10
Good throat hit not harsh, quite satisfying May like to try this in a full pen cart to really see how well it works.

Would I buy it? Quite possibly
Day to day vape possibly too nice, might be in danger of overdosing on it  :-\
All day vape? - See above

Verdict 10/10
I really enjoyed this one, I found it smooth and the taste was very pleasant. Not to harsh, yet certainly gave you something. Full flavoured and not too sweet, my only concern is on myself and my ability to put it down.
A good vape.


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