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Rum 18mg - June 2009
« on: June 02, 2009, 09:05:15 AM »
Reviews coming soon.

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Re: Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2009, 03:39:09 PM »
Tried this on the Evo, with passthrough, with a clean cart and a clean att.
Now, I'm not a big fan of dark rum, but having tried an alcohol flavour previously (Cognac) I was quite looking forward to this.
The liquid itself is a pale straw colour, slightly darker than most TW liquids, and is of a medium consistency. Theres not really any smell I can make out (aside from a general sort of e liquid smell)
Vaping it was a bit of a WTF say I didn't enjoy it would be a major understatement. Theres very little flavour on inhale, and on exhale, there is the caramel/burnt sugar taste of dark rum.... only not. It's a very artificial chemically taste, which unfortunately, I can only describe as vile.

Flavour 2/10  - It makes primer fluid pleasant by comparison
Flavour strength na/10 - I failed to enjoy it so much, the less taste, the better
Vapour 6/10 - Average
Throat hit 4/10 - Very little hit, some of that might just be psychological, as I didn't enjoy it
Overall 4/10 - So far, the only TW liquid I haven't enjoyed.... but I really can't find anything nice to say about it :(
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JRB2inFL - Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2009, 02:25:42 AM »

510Titan - Although this model has a reputation for being a "flavor killer" I still seem to
get the best results with this model at this time.

The color is a somewhat light golden color and clean.

A very faint tobacco liquid scent.

The vapor is good... hey, it's TW!!!  ;)

A very faint caramel sugar sweet flavor starts the experience with plenty of vapor and "feel" in my throat. After a couple vapes the flavor seems to change to an almost wood flavor with only a hint of sweetness.
It's actually disappointing because you get used to those first couple "sweet" tastes and then it changes??

This is a complex and confusing flavor. It seems to go from an interesting caramel - sugar - sweet flavor to a wood flavor that's not as sweet???
UPDATED: At least what I was tasting was validated after a little research... After reading about the different types of Rums I discovered this could be best described as a "Gold" or "Amber" Rum. Quoted from Medium-bodied rums are often called Gold or Amber rum and are rich and smooth. This is a result of either the production of congeners (organic compounds produced during production) or the addition of caramel. Gold rums are often aged in oak casks which also contribute to their dark, smooth characteristics. Gold rums make a smooth sipper and can be used in place of light rum in some darker cocktails.

I'll probably finish it... waste not, want not!

No Thank You, Just not my "drink of choice" ... Someone who has a more complex taste for Rums might "get it" as a vapor. I prefer cig flavored liquids (Virginia, Camel & American Red Tobacco) are my mainstay.

Flavour: 2 / 10 (the only tolerable flavor came from the first real draw)
Vapor: 7/10 (average)
Throat Hit: 5/10 
Vape On!

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Re: Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2009, 11:59:45 AM »
Ok Im going to keep this least compared to my previous reviews.

This is the first TW Liquid Ive tried that I havnt liked. I wouldnt really call it 'vile', but I'm really not keen on this stuff at all.

I first tried this stuff on a 801. 
The initial taste was quite mild on the inhale.... There was a very slight 'rum' taste there but it tasted VERY artificial. On the exhale It tasted of what I can only describe as plastic! So much so that I checked the fluval for loose strands... but it was fine.

When I say it tasted of plastic, it wasnt a BURNT plastic taste... it just tasted sort of 'plasticcy' Its a hard taste to describe but as Crossbow said, it is a chemically type of taste.

Ive since tried this liquid on an Evo and a Titan, and I still get that hint of 'chemicals'.
Even when on the Inhale I might get a quite nice rum/alcahol taste... the exhale always seems to provide the 'plastic' taste that I just cant live with.

The vapour production seemed average or slightly better.
Throat hit was probably average or again, possibly slightly above average.... the problem is that I have not been able to vape this stuff long enough to properly gauge vaprour-production or throat hit. Ive picked it up numerous times in order to give it "one last try" but everytime I get that hint of plastic and I have to put it down.

I personally do not like this 'rum' flavour.... BUT for me, I would vape this all day rather than GINSENG flavour!!! And there are some people out there who love Ginseng e-liquid, maybe they will like this stuff too? Maybe this is another 'marmite' flavour... maybe you will either love it or hate it?

3/10                        (Not something I could vape really)
Vapour production: 5/10
Throat hit: 5/10                 (Throat hit and Vapour production both seemed average during my quite short tests)

Overall I'd probably give this 4/10. Its just not my cup of tea (or rum).
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Re: Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #4 on: June 17, 2009, 09:13:36 PM »
Rum eh? Well I gave it a go....

E-Cig used : 901 (Fresh battery and drained atomiser).

To be honest I am not a fan of rum at all really, unless it is in a cocktail and I can't taste it  :) .
Its the usual colour of TW juice and looks clean with no bits, I wouldn't expect any less really as we all know TW juice is the best out there.

On opening the bottle there is virtually no scent from it at all, maybe just a general juice smell but thats about it. On the first cart-full I really liked the taste but sadly after that I found it tasting worse, after a few cartfulls I tried dripping and the flavour is slightly stronger (not really a good thing). I've got through half the bottle so far and I really don't want much more but I might go back to it from time to time. Like the other reviews have said its not really a strong taste but its very artificial and not pleasant. A strange thing is that sometimes it has a bitter taste and other times its a little bit sweet?? Not sure if this is the PG coming through or not...

Throat hit is quite good and the vapor production is very good but it does seem a bit "thin" if you get my meaning.

Overall I don't think I'll buy this liquid but I should imagine some people will like it, just not me.

Flavour  2/10 (not strong and not nice)
Throat hit  6/10 (not bad at all)
Vapor production  7/10 (very good)

Would I buy it? A whole world of NO.

Overall 3/10 (Ok I know this doesn't add up but this juice is not for me).

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Re: Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #5 on: June 19, 2009, 09:58:35 PM »
hi guys,

sorry for delay........been pretty busy over the last week!

ive only ever drank rum maybe once in my life and that was many years ago, but im very familiar with the smell...........and this stuff smells pretty much exactly like the real thing but with a hint of tobacco.
i started off by direct dripping a few drops using my 510 and was surprised at the strong taste of rum. not bad, i thought to myself! but rather strangely after 2 drags i could no longer taste it at all! so i added a couple more drops and the same thing happened!
so i switched to a 901, then a EVO and then 801..............all gave me a nice strong taste for 2 - 3 drags but then flavour vanished!

most bizarre!! i can only think that for some reason my tastebuds just didnt agree with it even though my brain thought it tasted quite nice! lol

vapour production in all models was pretty good and i would describe it as a heavy mist. throat hit was okay, not weak but not exactly mind blowing either!

taste: 5 out of 10

vapour: 7 out of 10

throat hit: 6 out of 10

final score: 6 out of 10




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Re: Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #6 on: June 19, 2009, 11:53:48 PM »
Rum really sounded like it could be a promising flavour. But I'm another who cannot give this flavour the thumbs up, and I've tried! I try to find a positive about every flavour I review and can usually find a point of reference to other flavours and match them up so people can get an idea of 'if they like that, they will like this', but I really cannot find anything much good to say.

It smells a lot like rum essence, the kind you buy from the supermarket shelves for flavouring puddings and confectionary. This is a smell from my childhood as I used to make rum bonbons with my grandmother using cocoa powder and this essence. So the initial smell is a relatively pleasant and very mild one.

The flavour starts as a sweet slightly burned brown sugar on the inhale, which is stronger and more burned on the exhale, with a touch of the flavour we used to get for rum and raison icecream, a fad in the early 1980's in the UK. Very artificial, not very strong and not particularly pleasant. The more I vaped it, the less I could even detect that 'rum and raison' aftertaste and eventually all I could taste was burning brown sugar. At which point I called it a day.

Maybe theres someone who will like this flavour, but it will be a niche market.

An exception to usually not scoring for this flavour - in this case I give it a 3 out of 10, awarded for the vapour production and throat hit, and not for the flavour.

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Re: Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #7 on: June 21, 2009, 07:48:38 PM »
Equipment used for this was a GG running at 3.7v with a Titan atomizer

I was quite looking foreward to this as i like the taste of rum (with coke added)

First impressions were quite good for a split second, not a massive flavour but it was there, then it wasnt, very strange liquid this one

I then changed to an 801 atomizer and vapour production improved a smidge but i was still having the flavour problem, its there for a split second and then gone! a very hard liquid to review when the liquid behaves like the scarlet pimpernel!

Finally i thought i would move over to the 901 atomizer, once again the same problem persisted, throat hit is there but pretty tame, the flavour for the millisecond you can taste it is quite pleasant, if the flavour was boosted several notches on this one i think it would be a winner.

Vapour was fairly decent but a little on the thin side, similar to the cola, but you know your vaping it

Throat hit is there but this is 18mg so its about on par for the strength

Flavour i'm afraid is virtually non existant but bump that up and i think it would be a very pleasant vape
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Re: Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #8 on: June 23, 2009, 11:20:31 PM »

I used a 901 with a clean atomiser and a fresh cart to review the Rum.

First of all I donít drink so my memory of rum is from when I was a student, rum and blackcurrant.

The smell as you open the bottle is slightly rum from what I remember. On the first draw it was like inhaling primer fluid with a distant hint of rum and the more draws I took the less flavour there was. I put the 901 down and waited a while for the taste in my mouth to disappear and then tried again. The taste didnít get any better although I still could get that hint of rum but it was overpowered by the hideous taste of Ďprimerí.

The throat hit was there and the vapour average. To be honest I couldnít bare to vape this anymore and therefore cleaned out my atomiser.

If I think about it I can still taste it, if you know what I mean, itís just one of those flavours.

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Re: Rum 18mg - June 2009
« Reply #9 on: June 24, 2009, 10:50:25 AM »
First off Iím not a rum drinker so Itís kinda hard to compare the two but I gave it a shot anyway. Only really tried this with the titan, the reason being first impressions werenít too good.

The liquid itself is a pale(ish) straw colour and has a sweetish smell too it, I do get a slight wiff of rum but not the smell youíd get smelling a real bottle of rum.

Vapor production was pretty good as usual but the throat hit from was nothing special.

Flavour wise not really keen on this one at all, it reminds me more of something like rum essence rather rum itself. To be honest I didnít really expect to like this one as Iím not a fan of rum, even if it did taste more like the real thing I probably still wouldnít enjoy it. Not too sure if rum drinkers would actually like this one either, it would be interesting to hear.

Would I continue to vape it? No. Donít like this one and wouldnít even go back to it on the odd occasion, luckily I knocked the bottle over and spilt half of it!

Would I buy it? No, this one isnít for me, would much rather stick with a nice tobacco flavour liquid.

Flavour: 3/10 (would have given it less but I actually gave Ginseng 2 and itís not as bad as that)
Flavour Strength: 5/10 (You can taste something, but not really rum just something sweet)
Vapor: 7/10
Throat Hit: 3/10 (Not great)


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