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Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011
« on: September 10, 2011, 12:19:54 PM »
Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011

Angelica – the name gave me no clue as what to expect when this flavour concentrate sample arrived. I imagined something light, refreshing (angelic, even) – maybe something along the lines of mint or menthol. On opening the box (great packaging design by the way), discovering that the liquid was a dark clear orange colour suggested that maybe it was going to be some kind of fruit cocktail. Smelling the stuff made the mystery even deeper – hmm, this seems that it could be an ingredient which wouldn’t be far away from my spice rack. After a while, it hit me – celery !!   :o  Yep, that’s what I was picking up. Herbs and spices? Celery? Could be interesting……

Equipment – Sally the Silver Screwdriver, fitted with a clean 901LR atty (mix 1 and 2), switching to a clean 901SR atty (mix 2 and 3)….

The odour from the concentrate bottle didn’t seem too strong so, rather than take the advice from the instructions on the box (5 to 6 drops concentrate per 5ml of liquid), I decided to start off with one of my ‘normal’ flavour combinations – just to see what effect it would have…..

Mix #1
10 drops DV PI VG
6 drops TW RL FC Angelica
7 drops DV PEG400 dilutant
7 drops VG / Vodka mix (85:15)

18mg nic strength, 20% flavour, Shake the dropper bottle and leave to rest for a while…

Three drops into the drip-tip, here goes….  Not a lot going on in the flavour department to be honest, carried on vaping, added another three drops and there was the slightest (almost undetectable) hint of celery at the back of the mouth towards the throat – but nothing really to set the woods on fire. Maybe an increase in both nic strength and flavour content would make a difference….

Mix #2
12 drops DV PI VG
6 drops TW RL FC Angelica
3 drops DV PEG400 dilutant
3 drops VG / Vodka mix (85:15)

27mg nic strength, 25% flavour, Shake the dropper bottle and, again, leave to settle…

Once again, little in the way of flavour but the little bit that’s there is certainly directed towards the back of the mouth / throat area. Sally could see that I was struggling, we both were, and suggested that I change her atomiser over for a standard resistant one (don’t you just love intelligent, talking SD’s?). This I did – who was I to argue – but it made no difference except there was a delay before I noticed a tiny bit of aftertaste (definitely celery) and it kind of caught me by surprise. I’m talking a couple of minutes between exhale and aftertaste believe it or not so, in all honesty, I really don’t know whether it was down to the change of atty or the slight increase in flavour content. Needless to say, the overall flavour was certainly lacking……

Let’s stick with the SR atty and try one final mix…..

Mix #3
12 drops DV PI VG
8 drops TW RL FC Angelica
4 drops VG / Vodka mix (85:15)

27mg nic strength, 33% flavour, Shake the dropper bottle and, again, leave to settle, knock on wood, fingers crossed…

Inhale – nothing, exhale – nothing……but….. there is a notch-up on the level of aftertaste. It still takes an eternity to reach the tastebuds however, but it makes the whole “experience” a tad more entertaining.

In conclusion, I like the idea of vaping a flavour like this – something along the culinary line (well it is to me). Those familiar with the DV Herbes de Provence will understand where I’m coming from and I still to this day get huge enjoyment from vaping that particular flavour – especially before Sunday lunch. Perhaps the Angelica will blend with the Provence, who knows?

For me, a bit of a disappointment but as we know, taste is subjective so perhaps someone else may have a better time with the Angelica than I..

Happy mixing.....   :)


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Re: Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2011, 08:34:03 PM »
Red Label Angelica Concentrate

I was excited to see this was my latest sample, as I had considered picking this one up on my last order, but passed it over in favor of others.  I had no idea what to expect from it, of course, just that I like trying new things  ;)

Concentrate color - light yellowish-brown
Smell - strong aroma, an earthy scent.  A little bit caramel-ish, but not sweet at all

Mixed in my standard 50/50 PG/VG base, it's a very light yellowish-brown.  Smell is practically non-existent after mixing

Sampling was done by DD'ing on an LR 510 atty

Flavor - The taste is a lot stronger than the smell of the mix, a little too strong for my taste at 15%.  A little bit earthy with a caramel overtone to the flavor, but like the smell it's not sweet like caramel.  There are hints of something "leafy" on the exhale, like a mild fresh herb such as parsley or celery greens.  Okay, but I'm not liking it too much at this level

Dropped the flavor down to 10%.  Earthy aspect is just a hint, now.  Still a little hint of savory caramel on the inhale and a little bit herbal on the exhale.  I can taste a little sweetness from the VG in my mix, complements it nicely, but now it's too weak.  I'm surprised at how much of a difference such a small change in flavor concentration has made

Added a little flavor back in, maybe around 12% now.  I think this is my sweet spot for this flavor, just the right balance between the other two concentrations for me.  I'm not entirely enamored of it, but it's not bad and a nice change of pace.  One drawback I'm encountering, though.  After 3-4 hours of vaping it, I'm losing my ability to taste it.  Even going back to the 15% mix doesn't help.  Rare has been the flavor that this has happened to me with

I went back to it the next afternoon and my impressions have not changed with a fresh palette

Conclusion - Not a bad vape, but nothing special.  Certainly not one for my favorites list.  Mellow and relaxed, which I can dig if I'm in the right mood.  I can't see myself vaping it all day or even every day, but it would make a nice occasional change of pace or as a break from more assertive flavors

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Re: Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2011, 09:10:09 PM »
Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011

Angelica.......Hmmmmmmm will it be the sweet, candied taste of crystalised angelica which is used in decorating cakes etc? Or the earth, herbal taste of the plant itself? Only one way to find out.
My sample was the standard 5ml 'on sale' package, and was in the 'Punch And Judy' striped box with white panels and the bottle had the standard childproof lid and dropper nozzle inside.
I got an unused 10ml bottle, put 8.5ml of unflavoured VG Herc into it and then opened the bottle of concentrate and took a deep sniff, not much of an odor to this concentrate but it does smell sweet.......the concentrate looks like watery golden syrup as well :)
From my experience with the Ameretto concentrate and the very mild smell of this concentrate I decided to jump right in and go for 15%, so in went 1.5ml of concentrate into the Herc, dropper and lid onto the bottle and shake like mad.result was a very pale golden yellowish juice. I took a sniff, pretty much odour free, although there is a 'sweet' smell to it, put the lid back on and let it stand for about half an hour then gave it another good shaking and let it stand again for another half hour.
Time to vape, so got a nice new 901 atty, blew it out well, primed with 4 drops of the mixture and put it on my SD with a freshly charged battery, added a drip tip and dripped three drops of juice and then vaped.
Another very 'slight' flavour, but Angelica is not a particularly strong flavour anyway, with the sweetness of the VG it tastes very similar to the crystalised/candied angelica, with a hint of the celery-like flavour of the plant.
I added some more concentrate to bring it up to 20% flavour, but this had almost no effect on the taste.
The flavour is quite pleasant, but it is very mild and as such is another that I can only recommend if you like slight flavours.
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Re: Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2011, 02:51:43 AM »
Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011

Well, once again I'm behind the 8-ball ( ::)) since I've no idea what Angelica (plant or confection) is, or is supposed to taste like.  So with that in mind here goes.....

Aroma: Could best be described as slight and confusing. :-\  Mild hint of something green and leafy, and ever so slightly sweet.

New 3.1 ohm clearo
Wicked Stick
<censored> (VV mod)

3ml - 6mg PI VG base
AG diluent
10% flavor concentrate

The last flavor concentrate was soooo weak, and this one didn't smell any stronger than the last, so I decided to start out at 10% flavor concentrate.  Mixed per above in a 3ml dropper bottle.  Left to steep over night.  The next evening... put mix in clearo, put clearo on Wicked Stick, commenced to vaping.

First impression: ??? :-\  well.....  it's subtle.  Sweet on the inhale (not overpowering, but more sweet than the all VG mix would account for), with a hint of something ( :-\ celery maybe?) on the exhale.  I can almost detect other things lurking just underneath.  Well, let's see if we can coax anything to the surface...

Increased the flavor concentrate percentage to 15%
I sucked as much juice out with a syringe as I could and returned it to the dropper bottle.  Upped the flavor concentrate percentage to roughly 15%.  Did the "shaken, not stirred" thing, and gave it another spin.  Some of the sweatiness is gone now. :(  More of the celery (or what ever it is) flavor on both inhale and exhale.  Now there's a noticeable "earthy" undertone (well, not so much under, it's there alright).  Flavor is still not as strong as I'd like... well, that is I think I'd like it stronger.  Let's just see about that, shall we?

Increased the flavor concentrate percentage to 20% - OOPSIE  Yup.  The flavor's there now.  And the big question I'm asking myself?  Why O Why would someone chop up a bunch of celery, mix it with manure, and put it in my clearo? ???  YOIKS.  Very strong taste of burnt something sweet.  Caramel maybe, but not quite.  Some of the sweetness is back, but now that's a bad thing.  The celery taste isn't too much stronger, but this whole "earthy undertone" thing has gotten way out of hand. ???  For the sake of science, and a complete review, I put it on my VV mod and took it for a spin at 3.8v and 4v.  Oh there, that's much better.... NOT!   Higher voltage only intensifies all the things I wasn't liking about this on the Wicked Stick.  Just as I thought. ::)

Home Stretch: Despite what I said above, I think I actually could (not necessarily would) vape this at 10% flavor concentration.  At that level it provided a very light, sweet taste.  Nothing was overpowering and I didn't get any of that burnt manure taste (and no, it wasn't the clearo running lean.  This was some sort of undertone in the flavoring that ran amok at 20%), just a hint of earth undertone that was not unpleasant.  I suppose if you're looking for something that's off the beaten path, and you're a fan of subtle flavors (which I'm not so much), then you could do worse than to give this a try.  I might actually mix up a small batch of this at 10% and give it another go sometime down the road (like sometime when I've had a chance to forget what it tastes like at 20%).  If you do decide to test drive Angelica, I'd recommend keeping it within the posted 10% vape limit.... :-\  or maybe leave this one to The Stig. ;)

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Re: Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2011, 06:54:11 AM »
September 2011 Red Label Angelica

My second sample of Totally Wicked E-Liquid’s new Red Label flavor concentrates arrived not too long ago.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Angelica, the flavor, time to do some reviewing!

Mega Tornado with a freshly opened 2.4-2.6 ohm xl clearomizer.

Liquid has a very slight yellow tint to it in color, is practically transparent, and very thin in viscosity. When I remove the cap to get an idea of how this concentrate smells, I notice a very mild aroma similar in smell to passing a display of fresh grown herbs.  I can liken it to a milder version of the scent I’d experience passing through the garden section of Lowe’s or Home Depot, it’s pleasant.

The mix:
I started out with a mix 10% flavor, 12mg in nicotine strength, in a ratio of 60% PG 40% VG.  I was quite happy with the results, that is how I’ve been vaping it ever since.

I was really taken back by the first couple of vapes, it was very similar to celery, or scallions, or something of the like.  It was very foreign, vaping something that tasted similar to celery.  I did not find it a weak flavor, it was more of a neutral flavor, Angelica had sort of a green leaf-y kind of herb-y taste.  The more I vaped, the more I tasted other aspects to this flavor than just celery.  I can’t quite put a finger on the other flavors, but there were tastes of other herbs at play there.

Throat Hit:
Surprising, for a neutral flavor I did get a good amount of throat hit, I felt it more when I breathed out, what was left behind was a lingering scent of an herb garden in my sinuses.

I see Angelica not as a standout flavor, but I can see it as one for having in my collection for when the mood strikes me for something mellow and relaxing.  It’s a subtle fresh herb flavor.

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Re: Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011
« Reply #5 on: September 16, 2011, 09:03:53 AM »
Red Label Angelica concentrate September 2011

Vaping on a Titan 510 atomiser, with a fresh cart and a Tornado battery.
the colour of the concentrate is a pale orange.
The aroma from the bottle reminded me of mild herbs/mild curry powder….interesting.
I mixed 24mg strength…..26 drops Platinum Ice nicotine juice (VG based), 20 drops PG diluent and 14 drops of Angelica flavour.
 I thought by the aroma from the bottle it would be quite strong, though the flavour came through more on the aftertaste. It is more of the unusual flavours I have vaped, and took a little time for it to really taste very much, but when it did I really liked it. It has like a mild curry/herb, taste to it, but doesn't destroy your taste buds, quite subtle. The flavour came through more on the exhale than the inhale for me, and it does linger in the mouth for a while, but not unpleasant.  Throat hit was really smooth and lots of vapour with this too.  There is a slight aroma to the vapour, but it doesn't seem to linger.

I do like "Angelica"...quite smooth and mild. I added more flavour to my mix, to see if more came through. It did a little, but didn't spoil the throat hit or amount of vapour, which is great. I think you  could also add this  in regular tobacco flavours to give them a little spice. All in all, I've enjoyed vaping this flavour, very interesting.

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Re: Red Label Angelica Concentrate September 2011
« Reply #6 on: September 17, 2011, 04:27:45 PM »
Red Label Angelica Concentrate September  2011

Again, the sample came in a very colourful stripy TW box containing a standard 5ml squeeze bottle.

I used "old faithful" - my two and half year-old SD Mk1 - fitted with a 1.7ohm LR901 atomiser which I "cleaned" by vaping flavourless 24mg PG through it.  I put about 5ml of the same PG in a new empty 5ml bottle.

The sample smelled, to me, of something "salad-ish" and a bit "herby" - I can't say I thought "what a lovely smell" though...  I mixed 12 drops (as it didn't seem a strong flavour) into the 5ml of PG. 

I dripped some into the atty and vaped - very little flavour - I tried again, the same.  So I shook the bottle and let in stand for a few hours.  Still not a lot of flavour - there WAS a flavour - again sort of salad/celery/lettuce - a bit herby but very mild indeed.  The hit was very good and I got plenty of vapour. 

The liquid left almost no  aftertaste or sweetness and was only very slightly mouth drying.

Beyond it being used in cake decorations (which have little flavour), I have no idea what Angelica is supposed to taste like.  This flavouring produced a liquid which is perfectly ok to vape (I've used nearly the whole 5ml now) and which tastes of something - just not very much.
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