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PR Menthol Ice - June 2010
« on: July 02, 2010, 01:22:23 PM »
PR Menthol Ice  - June  week 3 2010

For this review I will be using the Tornado with a 510 atomiser, and the TW plastic drip tip.
The juice is a pale pink in colour and the aroma from the bottle is quite a sweet smell of mint.

This menthol is different to a tobacco menthol, which I have tried in the past. It's a very fresh minty flavour which lingers in the mouth like a mint would do. Very similar to chewy mints.  It also has quite a sweet taste to it.   
I'm really enjoying  this flavour. Very refreshing for the hot days we are having in the UK.
On inhale, the menthol Ice hits the back of the throat, but it's not harsh. As the label says," Menthol Ice", ice cool, it's very fresh.
On exhale there is a sweet flavour along with menthol.
Throat hit is very good for the 18mg, as you would think the menthol gives it a great kick.
Vapour produced from this juice is very high.
It's one for me to add to the menthol collection, a sweeter version of menthol….and minty fresh.

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Re: PR Menthol Ice - June 2010
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2010, 10:56:47 AM »
My next review as a TW Panelist is of one of the PR flavours – “Menthol Ice” – supplied at 18mg

The liquid was used in a Screwdriver Mk 2 fitted with a 4075 atomiser and fresh cartridge. I've been vaping the liquid on and off during the last week whilst on a trip to Hay on Wye...

The liquid is a delicate pale pink colour. The liquid has a fresh but not over-strong minty flavour of the “confectionary” rather than “plant” variety.

As usual, the liquid flows well and is absorbed nicely by the cart filler.

When vaped, the liquid tastes freshly minty, and slightly sweet – the flavour is pleasant and not overpowering.

The liquid is a bit mouth drying and leaves just a slight stickiness in common with many sweeter liquids. There is an initial menthol type mint flavour, which is followed by more of a “fresh mint” style taste.   The aftertaste is very much “fresh mint” and lingers for quite some time.    I have enjoyed vaping it, but I prefer a stronger flavour with less sweetness, so it’s good but not one for me.

The vapour is good but the hit is a bit too mild for me – the hit is biased very much to inhale – like most menthols.  The vapour smells noticeably of “sweet mints” but doesn't linger.

I'll happily recommend it to all vapers who like a sweet but “fresh” vape – the experience is a mild one rather than “wow!”.
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Re: PR Menthol Ice - June 2010
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2010, 12:46:40 PM »
TW Patriot Range Menthol Ice (18mg) June 2010

Menthol or mint based liquids are a big favourite of mine, in fact, the stronger a juice is the better I like it and I’ve been more than happy with many that I’ve tried during the last year or so. Most were good to ‘wow’, whilst the remainder were ‘so-so’ to downright disappointing. All good fun but how did the Patriot Range Menthol Ice shape-up for me?
Equipment - DSE901, cleaned / primed atomiser, fully-charged 380mAh manual battery, cartridge. (Also 510, cleaned / primed standard atomiser, tornado 650mAh battery, direct-drip method).

Colour of liquid – Clear light tea rose

Smell of liquid – Faint odour of a menthol mouthwash

Flavour / Taste – Without stating the obvious, this is menthol - pure and simple, and by that I mean that I’m not picking up much else, well, not enough to distinguish anyway. To me, though, that’s really not a negative and you can therefore concentrate on the mild, yet pleasing effect as the menthol makes a brave attempt to slightly chill the mouth and tongue – the latter more so on exhale. Certainly not overpowering by any stretch of the imagination but, definitely not boring either and the chilling sensation, which is soft but noticeable, lingers for quite a while – which can’t be bad…. 7/10

Throat Hit – At a minimal expense of flavour, this is where I had to switch-over to the 510 as I wasn’t getting too much of a hit with the 901. It’s there in a way but you definitely get a slight improvement using the 510SR atty, from the back of the throat to top of the chest but, still, I expected just a tad more from an 18mg strength it must be said…… 6/10 

Vapour Content – A great showing for a juice of this type – even with the 901 it’s very good and, as we’d probably expect, the 510SR enhances the production even further – pint upon pint of vapour, great stuff…. 8.5/10

In Summary – I must say that I’ve grown to quite liking this juice so far as menthols go and I can definitely appreciate the lingering mild chilling effect on the tongue well after exhale – I found that to be rather clever. The throat hit remains in the background, but makes more of a showing when using suitable equipment (510 over the 901). The vapour production, however, is very pleasing and although I’ve been hammering Menthol Ice almost exclusively over the past few days, this will end-up for me as a morning vape. You get menthol, not much of a throat hit but great amounts of vapour – a nice refreshing way to start the day.

The only very small criticism I’d like to make, probably controversially, is not with the liquid itself, but with the name description of ‘Menthol Ice’. I found this juice to be somewhat mild compared to others I’ve tried (with a similar title) and something along the lines of ‘Cool Menthol’ would be more of a fitting name. That’s only my opinion and I certainly don’t mean that in an unkind way, it’s just that I usually enjoy much stronger menthol liquids but this one may be at an acceptable level for many folks. To reinforce though, I liked what this juice had to offer and I’m definitely going to give the 36mg variation a go in the not too distant future…… 7.17/10

If you like a pre-mixed mild menthol in a pure state, nothing added or taken-away, then you will surely appreciate the TW Patriot Range Menthol Ice at 18mg

Happy Vaping everyone…….   :)


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Re: PR Menthol Ice - June 2010
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2010, 12:01:57 AM »

This liquid has only a very slight smell of menthol to it and has a pale pink colour too it.

I was using the precious with a Low Res 510 atty whilst direct dripping
with this liquid.

This is quite a strong menthol that i can tell gets the ICE part of the name from the ice cool feeling you get on the back of your throat every time you take a vape of this liquid,on the inhale it gives a super cool hit on the throat and then on the exhale im getting a cool minty menthol flavour which leaves that cold menthol aftertaste that lingers for a couple of breaths after each vape.

A great amount of vapour on this one with a strong throat hit for an 18mg liquid (probably due to the menthol giving it that extra punch).

Overall this one is quite a strong menthol so if your into the stronger type of menthol vapes the youll like this one,,,me personally,im not a big menthol fan so im the type of person that would go for a weaker tasting menthol,,but like i say if you like it super cool,,then give the menthol ice a shot.

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Re: PR Menthol Ice - June 2010
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2010, 02:26:01 PM »
PR Menthol Ice 18mg

I wasn't sure what to expect from this as I usually make my own menthol juice.
The smell was of mint, slightly spearmint and the juice was a clear light pink colour.

I used the LR 510 on my Screwdriver. My setup of choice at the moment. This produced loads of vapour and throat hit as always.

Onto the taste. Well my own mixes of menthol usually makes my eyes water. I like it very strong.
This was not menthol as far as I was concerned. It was more similar to mint liquids. I was expecting something more powerfull because of the name.

I haven't really had any bought menthol liquids for a long time so can't compare it to any others. It was pleasant and I did enjoy it, but it just seemed more mint to me. Quite spearmint flavoured actually. A nice liquid but not one I would purchase, its just not strong enough for my taste, but I doubt any liquid would be.

If your looking for a minty liquid maybe give it a try, although I did enjoy the N/P Menthol more as it was different than other mint, menthols I've tried because of the tobacco flavour. I found that more refreshing than this one on the palatte.


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