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PR American Red Tobacco June 2010
« on: June 23, 2010, 02:15:22 AM »
American Red Tobacco 18mg

This is one I purchased back when the Patriot range was first released. Of all the tobacco flavors from this line this is the one of the ones I enjoy most. Unlike the usual tobacco flavors most vendors sell this one does not really have a tobacco aroma to it. With all the patriot range tobacco I get detect a good amount of a black pepper base with some lemon. I believe this where this lines solid throat hit comes from. It appears this is used instead of the usual chemical cocktails many liquids contain. Of all the different brands of tobacco liquids I have tried this flavor is one of the better analog simulations I have tried to date. This one actually vapes more like a real cigarette.

Hardware Used:         510 Tornado with LR Atomizer

Flavor                        Black pepper with a slight hint of lemon

Taste Strength           Average

Throat Hit                   Excellent on the LR atomizer.

Vapor                        Excellent vapor

Overall Impression    About as close as you will get to smoking a real American Red Tobacco without actually smoking.

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Re: PR American Red Tobacco June 2010
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2010, 11:16:10 AM »
May 2010 Patriot Range American Red Tobacco 18mg

The color of my sample is pale gold and almost clear in opacity.  Seems middle of the road between all PG and all VG as far as viscosity.  Today, Im vaping on the Tornado along with a low resistance atomizer.

I get a very pleasant leathery aroma from the juice; it reminds me of the scent in a store that sold leather goods.  I like that smell but I did worry a bit how it would translate to a vape.

An interesting tobacco flavor, I get the flavor of fresh cracked black pepper along with citrus, floral, and leathery notes without being overly perfume.  The flavor has an edge to it without being overly harsh.  I would associate the intensity to a Light cigarette. American Red Tobacco has a flavor all its own, it doesnt remind me of any tobaccos I vaped previously.

At 18mg this juice is giving me a good, solid throat hit, not what could be described as reckless, the peppery element is does the job quite well.

Im impressed with the amount of vapor this juice is kicking out.  With more than just a few instances of not being able to see in front of me, Im a happy vaper.   

Patriot Range American Red Tobacco, Im glad to report back that the leathery notes were more subtle in the vapor then they where in the aroma of the liquid itself and I do have a new addition to my Top 5 tobacco flavors, for now. 

I'm no quitter...I'm a winner :)

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Re: PR American Red Tobacco June 2010
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2010, 07:22:10 PM »
PR American Red Tobacco June 2010

I already had the PR American Red Tobacco but in Super High 36mg. Is a great tobacco flavor but too strong for me since I drop the nic down to 12-16mg. For this review the sample is 18mg which is still fine for me. The sample of this liquid has a pale yellow/brown color with a very light tobacco smell on it. Some sweetness on the smell also.

Im using a LR Titan atty exclusively for this liquid dripping on my Prodigy V3 with an AW 17670 High Drain Battery and the Black SDMKII.

The liquid is one of my favorite tobacco flavor, I had been on and off the tobacco flavor lately and more on the sweet side. This one is just perfect for me because fill my lately needs on the sweet tobacco. It has more sweet on the 18mg compared to the 36mg. Right now I like better the tobacco flavor from USA than the traditional Chinese tobacco flavor.

For the vapor production this one is a huge vapor producer typical of all the Patriot Range liquid I had tasted before. I really like the vapor on this one.

The throat hit is insane for a 18mg liquid specially on the LR atty.

I really recommended this PR American Red Tobacco for the tobacco fans and who likes the sweet side on the tobacco flavors. American Red Tobacco, Tobacco Americano and Parisian Vanilla all three winners on the Patriot Range. 


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