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PR Lemon Anise 18mg September 2010
« on: September 05, 2010, 07:36:25 AM »
Patriot Range Lemon Anise 18mg September 2010

This review was performed using a regular 510 atty on a standard Tornado battery whilst direct dripping

Color/Smell This juice is almost totally clear with a slight milkish white appearance. From the bottle I can smell a fresh light lemon scent with herbal hints of the anise. For anyone who doesn't know what anise is, it is a sweet and aromatic herb simmilar to fennel and has a slight licorice flavor. It is also used to flavor spirits such as Absinthe, Anisette, Ouzo, Sambucca, and Jagermeister. However I did not taste or smell any licorice to this juice. The lemon scent is also not an artificial type of smell and it doesnt lend you to think you are about to vape a can of pledge furniture polish. The juice has a nice consistency to it and is not at all runny or thin.

Taste The flavor is soft and pleasant. The lemon and anise go together rather nicely on this one. The lemon flavor reminds me of a lemon sherbert. The anise part might seem odd, but it works. This could easily be an all day vape. It's not overly sweet and doesn't seem to be sticky or mouth drying. I never thought about buying this one before, but after vaping it, I can say I would buy this one. I really like it alot.

Vapor Production I am getting some pretty good vapor from this one. I would say a little above average for the Patriot Line. Not dissapointed in the vapor at all with this one. I also do not notice any lingering odors in the vapor like I have with other juices.

Throat Hit Light

I really think they did a great job with this one.  it's a keeper!


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Re: PR Lemon Anise 18mg September 2010
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2010, 04:56:43 PM »
PR Lemon Arise 18mg - September 2010

For this review I will be using the Tornado, with a 510 atomiser, and a fresh regular TW cart.
On receiving the juice it's  similar looking to lemon juice, pale and slightly cloudy.
The aroma from the bottle is a fresh zesty lemon.
When dripping into the cart, it soaks in nicely, not too thick.
On vaping this juice, it's quite dry, but a fresh flavour. It's not to me like fresh zesty lemon, maybe that would be far too tart. But it's like a boiled lemon flavoured sweet, similar to a sherbet lemon sweet. Very refreshing, but quite dry. So a nice cool drink at hand would be good.
The more I come back to this flavour, the stronger it tastes. Leaving my tongue slightly tingly.
Throat hit is really good,  the flavour fades quickly, leaving my tongue and throat quite dry. Not a bad thing  at all. Just need refreshments to go with it.
Vapour from this juice is high, there is a slight aroma, but sweet, and doesn't linger.
All in all, I really like this, not to sickly sweet, a refreshing flavour.

I would recommend this to others, and I have already purchased this for myself.

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Re: PR Lemon Anise 18mg September 2010
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2010, 04:00:47 PM »
This review is of PR “Lemon Anise” – supplied at 18mg.

The liquid was used in a Screwdriver Mk 1 fitted with a Low Resistance 901 atomiser and fresh cartridge - and with a freshly charged yellow 1000mah Spiderfire battery.

The liquid is the colour of a strongish lemon drink and pretty clear. It smells of lemon – in a zesty way – plus some herbal element(s).   My only experience of anise is in drinks, but there is a bit of that in there.

As usual, the liquid is nicely runny and is absorbed well into the cartridge on both first fill and top-up.

When vaped, the liquid tastes fresh with a rather nice lemon zing to it, coupled with an anise undertone which is muted and not overpowering – thus preserving the freshness of the lemon.  Like the Kiwi, this came as a pleasant surprise – fresh and fruit but not sweet.

The aftertaste is of  lemon and just a bit of anise and is neither sickly nor overmuch.  It leaves only a little stickiness and almost no sweetness.

The vapour is strong and the hit  well balanced and good for an 18mg liquid.

The flavour is stands up well to prolonged use, but does dry the mouth - so drinks are necessary (not a bad thing ;) ).

The vapour is smells just a tiny bit of lemon and herb but the smell vanishes very quickly indeed.

So, this liquid is “as advertised”. I found it fairly refreshing, and a pleasant vape.   A good refreshing non-tobacco flavour for those who don't want something too sweet.
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Re: PR Lemon Anise 18mg September 2010
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2010, 11:08:34 AM »
TW Patriot Range Lemon Anise (18mg) September 2010

Lemon and anise? Together? All seems rather strange to me……   ???

Equipment – 510 cleaned standard atomiser, 650mAh manual Tornado battery, direct-drip method using a long metal tip.

Colour of liquid – Lemon juice, but deeper in colour

Smell of liquid – Slight whiff of lemon with a hint of something herbal

Flavour / Taste – So subtle it’s untrue and, flavour wise, all the action seems to take place at the point of exhale and aftertaste. The whole mouth feels like it’s been sucking on a lemon sherbet – but without any element of sherbet, combined with the sensation of having a teaspoonful of lemon juice, without tasting the actual lemon – all in a toned-down fashion. The anise plays second fiddle throughout although sometimes it does beat the lemon on reaching the tastebuds immediately prior to the exhale. However, it’s pretty short-lived and the lemon always has the final say…..

All-round, it’s certainly not bitter – and definitely not sweet, in fact it’s quite refreshing and tangy although a little on the dry side which affects mainly the back of the tongue and top of the palate…. 7/10

Throat Hit – Quite underpowered really - even for an 18mg, but mostly it’s the top of the throat which is the main benefactor here. I’m not getting a lot towards the back of the throat and almost nothing on the chest although strangely enough, it seems to suit the flavour reasonably well…. 5/10

Vapour Content – Definitely up there with the best vapour producers I’ve had in the past. This really is a fantastic performer – huge amounts of grey, lingering clouds of vapour fill the room with ease….9/10
In Summary – It’s taken me a while to get to grips with this one and, as I’ve gotten to know it, quite confused. In terms of taste, it’s as if it were saying “Ah, you’ve finally found me. Didn’t you know I was here all along?” (When e-liquids start talking to you, then you know you’ve got problems). The throat-hit is a bit of a let-down for me personally but, boy, did the vapour content more than make up for it? I know what I prefer….

Another liquid where you really would need to have a drink on the side, whether it’s a chilled glass of water or maybe something a little stronger and if you do indeed fancy a refreshing beer to accompany this juice then allow me to recommend a nice drop of Hoegaarden original (Witbier).  If you’re into trying out different fruit flavours then, purely because of its subtleness, it’s really worth giving the PR Lemon Anise a go…. 7/10

Happy vaping everyone…..   :)


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Re: PR Lemon Anise 18mg September 2010
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2010, 03:34:32 PM »
Patriot Range Lemon Anise 18mg

This review was with a standard Tornado battery, 510 atty, and drip tip.

Appearance: The juice is almost totally clear with a slight cloudiness to it. It drips nicely, not too thick or too runny.

Smell: On opening the bottle it has a light lemon scent. Also it has somewhat of a zesty smell, kind of like a fresh cut lemon, but not too strong. It smells like fresh homemade lemonade.

Taste: On the draw, it definitely has a distinct lemony flavor in a zesty way, with the anise noticeable, but not overpowering.  Not too sweet either. Taste doesn't seem to linger in the mouth or atomizer. All in all it's refreshing and pleasant.

Throat hit: Is light to mild at best, for 18mg juice. I've had other 18mg juices with a stronger hit, so it's probably the makeup of the juice itself. But the flavor makes up for the throat hit.

Vapor: Vapor production is good on this. It is in between medium to heavy vapor.

I like this and would recommend and buy it myself. It does leave the mouth a bit dry, so a cold beverage of ones choice would compliment this. Happy Vaping!
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