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PR Kiwi 18mg - September 2010
« on: September 14, 2010, 09:55:36 PM »
Patriot Range Kiwi 18mg -September 2010

EDIT:  When I did this review today I thought it was Kiwi Strawberry. It definitly tastes moreso like kiwi, but, I am still picking up on the PR Strawberry in this juice. I vaped this when I first got it a couple weeks ago and it tasted like kiwi and strawberry to me then as well. So, I am sticking to my original story! 

Equipment Used Regular 510 atty on a SDMKII whilst direct dripping

Color/Smell Juice is clear and appears orange in color. It smells alot like the PR Strawberry with kiwi added. Juice is a nice consistency, not runny or watery. Just a tad on the thick side which is how I love my juice. Drips perfectly.

Taste Tastes just like it smells. Same delicious fresh ripe strawberry taste as the PR Strawberry only with loads of tart kiwi added. Kiwi flavor is very prominent.The kiwi tastes genuine and not artificial.  It does leave that funky tart aftertaste in your mouth like you have just eaten kiwi.  I happen to have kiwi in the fridge right now and as soon as I finish this review I will be eating a couple ;-)  If you love kiwi, you will really love this vape. Also does not seem sticky nor mouth drying. I am also smelling a bit of yummy aroma from the vapor.

Throat Hit Somewhere between light and medium. It’s a tad more than light but not quite medium…if that makes sense!

Vapor Production Excellent. I am getting loads of vapor from this one.

Another great vape from the PR Line.
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Re: PR Kiwi 18mg - September 2010
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2010, 02:58:15 PM »
TW Patriot Range Kiwi (18mg) September 2010

Normally when a juice sample arrives in order for me to review, it’s usually a case of (almost immediately) out with a fresh or clean atty, charged-up battery etc and off we go – and to spend a couple of days getting to know the new liquid. Not so with the Kiwi. Why? Well, I have to admit that I’d never actually tried the fruit before so I thought it was a good idea to hold-fire, add it to the grocery list, try the real thing first and then see what the PR Kiwi had to offer.

No expense spared for this review, you know  8) . In the line of duty not only did I resist the temptation of buying just one fruit, I really pushed the boat out, went crazy and purchased two of the little critters – a whole 60 pence these cost me, darn it.  :o  Strange looking things – a couple of inches in diameter and weighing around 4oz each, with a hairy brown/green coloured skin. Hmm….

OK mastermind, you’ve gotten them home – how are you going to eat them? Good question. Do I wash them first and then eat them like an apple – skin as well? Do I peel them first and then eat them like a tangerine? Gawd knows – tell you what, let’s live dangerously and take a sharp knife to one of them, cut it right down the middle and see what’s inside. This I did and the fruit revealed a gorgeous-looking green flesh with some white pulp in the middle which was surrounded by small black seeds. Oh, it’s one of those – I know what these are  ::) . I’ve seen some folks scooping out the innards with a small spoon.  :P

Of course, I got stuck in and it was delightful. A lovely slightly tangy taste which was quickly taken over by some sweetness – not too dissimilar from melon-like fruits I’ve had in the past, but the kiwi definitely has more consistency. Really refreshing and yummy though and certainly something to revisit sooner rather than later. So, research all done, how did the PR Kiwi compare to the fruit I enjoyed?....  :)

Equipment – 510 cleaned standard atomiser, 650mAh manual Tornado battery, direct-drip method using a long metal tip. (Also briefly; 901 cleaned standard atomiser, 380mAh manual battery, direct-drip method using a nylon tip)

Colour of liquid – Clear

Smell of liquid – Hint of fresh melon / kiwi / berry type fruit – hard to distinguish

Flavour / Taste – From the beginning I wasn’t getting an awful lot a flavour from this juice but, that said, what I was getting was the sense of something a bit refreshing. Even spending some time on the 901 didn’t yield any more in terms of taste really, nothing to tell it apart from the 510 anyway so back it was to the original kit.

Eventually after a struggle, I noticed a kiwi (or even melon) taste coming through right at the front of the mouth – behind the front teeth and towards the top of the gums, and it was at that point the flavour then shifted itself towards the back part of the mouth - but it didn’t last for long, and it wasn’t particularly strong. A nasal exhale was not that beneficial either. .

The mouth does seem to get a slight tangy feel though, especially the tongue which does become a tad dry when vaping this for long(ish) periods.  This dryness eventually spreads all over but without feeling that sickly. Hmm, it does lack a degree (or six) of flavour I’m afraid…… 4/10

Throat Hit – Mostly, there’s little in the way of throat-hit – you do notice something going on at the back of the throat from time to time which spreads its way down to the top of the chest but it’s a bit on the low-side even for an 18mg……. 6/10

Vapour Content – Now, this is better – a lot better. The vapour category is where I’m at my fiercest ant I’m pleased (relieved) to say that this juice produces excellent amounts of vapour, which linger around for a fair while. Not quite in my ‘cubic yard league’ but still a good job nonetheless….. 8.5/10
In Summary – How I wanted for this liquid to be up there amongst the favourites I’ve tried thus far. If only the flavour had more going for it – for sure it needs to go up a notch or two in that department. Mind you, it’s not a total write-off though as, in its present form, I could use this as a very “first thing in the morning” vape due to its lack of throat-hit but bags of vapour.

To be honest, I’m now intrigued enough to find out what the 36mg variant has to give. Should be interesting……  6.17/10

Happy vaping everyone…..


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Re: PR Kiwi 18mg - September 2010
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2010, 06:54:00 PM »
PR Kiwi 18mg - September 2010

For this flavour I will be using the 510 atomiser with a regular TW cart, and the Tornado battery.
On receiving the bottle, the colour of the juice is clear and the aroma is a lovely fresh fruit.
When dripping the juice into the cart, it soaks in nicely, not too thick or runny.
The flavour is lovely, not really strong but a really great kiwi flavour, very refreshing. The flavour does linger slightly too.  It did leave my mouth very dry, so a nice cool drink of your choice with this flavour would be great.
I've been trying this flavour for a while now, and love it, although the flavour does drop off quickly between topping up.
There is a  throat hit but not very big,  the flavour takes over the throat hit for me.  Vapour production is really great. Aroma from the vapour is sweet but it doesn't linger for long.
I would say this flavour is a great one if you have been using tobacco flavours and fancied going over to the sweeter juices to try. It's not a really overpowering flavour but definitely kiwi, and a subtle sweet flavour to break you in gently to the fruity sweet juices out there.
I would definitely recommend this flavour,  and purchase this again.

Happy vaping.

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Re: PR Kiwi 18mg - September 2010
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2010, 05:44:03 PM »
This review is of PR “Kiwi” – supplied at 18mg.

The liquid was used in a Screwdriver Mk 1 fitted with a Low Resistance 901 atomiser and fresh cartridge - and with a freshly charged yellow 1000mah Spiderfire battery.

The liquid is clear and essentially colourless.   It smells of fruit – and I guess it smells more like kiwi than anything else I can think of...

As usual, the liquid is nicely runny and is absorbed well into the cartridge on both first fill and top-up.

When vaped, the liquid tastes quite fresh and light with a definite but not overly strong kiwi flavour. I found it pleasant – I'm a tobacco fan and don't like very strong sweet flavours, so the “lightness” of this is a great plus to me.  I found the flavour to quite refreshing.

The aftertaste is of light fruit (kiwi) and again is not overpowering or cloying.  It does leave some stickiness though, and a little sweetness (but of a sharp fruity nature).

The vapour is very strong and the hit very good indeed for an 18mg liquid – and balanced well between inhale and exhale.

Because the flavour is light, the liquid stands up rather well to prolonged use (I'd been vaping it for three hours when I wrote this).

The vapour is smells of light fruit but the smells goes away fast.

Overall then, this kiwi liquid is “kiwi”.   Personally I found it pleasant but not exciting – much as I feel about kiwi fruit ;)  I shall finish the sample off but it isn't something I'd rush to buy.  BUT for someone wanting a fruit liquid for ”long period use” this would be an excellent choice.
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Re: PR Kiwi 18mg - September 2010
« Reply #4 on: September 22, 2010, 09:32:59 PM »
PR Kiwi 18mg September 2010

I am using my SDMKII standard setup with 901 atomizer and cart. I'm also DD'ing with my Tornado 510 setup. I have eaten Kiwi a couple times in the distant past, and have forgotten how the actual fruit taste. With that in consideration, I will try to share my thoughts on the sample liquid I have.

The liquid itself is clear and is what I call reddish-orange in appearance. More orange than red, with a bit of red tint.

It has a fruity smell upon opening the bottle. It resembles a sweet and sour type candy smell, at least to me.

The viscosity of this sample, is on the fence, between thick and thin. it's not runny at all.

I've been vaping this off and on for the last three days, and it kind of reminds me of fruit punch. There's not anything that's jumping out at me with this flavor. I cannot taste the kiwi in particular.

Throat hit with this one is mild.

Vapor is moderate with this liquid.

In summary, it is good if you like fruit flavors and I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying it. I do think I would pass as far as my preferences go.
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Re: PR Kiwi 18mg - September 2010
« Reply #5 on: November 07, 2010, 01:14:42 AM »
September 2010 Patriot Range Kiwi 18mg

For this flavor I’m going to be using Mega Tornado not only with a LR 510 atomizer, but also with a standard 510.  There are some changes I experienced when using both that are worth mentioning.

Liquid was an orange-gold color, clear in opacity.  It’s medium to thick in viscosity, and upon opening I’m greeted with the scent of vine-ripened strawberries…very inviting.

On the inhale I get the flavor of honeydew melon, it remains sweet through the exhale and finishes with a crisp sour bite.  The closest taste I could use to describe the sourness would be to compare it to strawberries harvested a little too early.  It’s a great balance of sweet and sour, a very natural fruit flavor.

When switching to the low resistance the flavor changed drastically for me.  It took on more of a candied apple flavor and it lost its tart bite on the finish.  Still a nice flavor, just different.  

Throat Hit:
Not much of a throat hit to this flavor at all.  I’m fine with that; the flavor makes up for it.

Vapor Production:
Works well in the atomizer, produces great amounts on the standard 510, even more impressive on the low resistance.  

Patriot Range Kiwi has the perfect intensity that makes it one fruit flavor out of very few I can vape all day.  
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