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PR KaMel - june 2010
« on: June 18, 2010, 11:49:03 PM »
PR - KaMel 18mg

This liquid has a smell of pepper with a slight hint of citrus,and the liquid is a clear amber colour

I was using the precious with a Low Res 510 atty whilst direct dripping with this liquid.

When i started vaping on this one my first thoughts on the taste were that it was a mixture of spices (not the spicy hot type) ,more like a herbs and pepper kind of taste with a very faint hint of citrus,
at first i was kind of thinking it wasnt to much like a tobacco tasting liquid but the more i vaped on this one the more i got to thinking it did give me probably the most realistic cigarette experience ive had,,,on the inhale i could taste the hint of citrus,but on the exhale it was giving a tingling sensation on my tongue probably due to the subtle spicy flavours that left an aftertaste that really reminded me of having a real cig,i think mainly because it gave and left a very dry taste in the mouth.

once again very nice vapour production and a good throat hit.

overall to me this one gives a very close experience of having a real cig,,,mainly because of the aftertaste and the sensation i was getting through the texture of the taste,,,but quite a difficult one to describe when putting pen to paper so to speak,,,
so id say if you like your tobacco flavours and your looking for the feeling of having a close as you can get kind of tobacco vape,,,then this one should definately be on your e-liquid list......
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Re: PR KaMel - june 2010
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2010, 11:05:16 AM »
My latest review as a TW Panellist is of one of the PR flavours – “KaMel” – supplied at 18mg.

The liquid was used in a Screwdriver Mk2 fitted with a TW 901 (4075) atomiser and fresh cartridge. I've been vaping the liquid for the last two days...

The liquid is a brownish orange colour with possibly just a reddish tinge. The liquid smells – and I don’t mean this unkindly – like a slightly tobacco tinged bathroom cleaning product – it has some pine and floral scents I associate with such things.

As always, the liquid flows reasonably well and is absorbed a bit slowly but adequately by the cart filler.

When vaped, the liquid tastes, to me, slightly woody and pine-ish with hints of tobacco and a tiny bit of vanilla. The vanilla surprised me so I switched atomisers to be sure – it’s there OK

The liquid is fairly mouth drying and leaves some stickiness.  The aftertaste is very difficult to describe – barely any tobacco and some “fresh” slightly woody and floral favours

The vapour is good and thick, and the hit good for an 18mg juice “satisfying” rather than “wow” though… The vapour definitely has some “pine wood” elements to its smell, plus just a bit of tobacco – the smell is very transitory, however.
It is almost pushing things to call this a tobacco flavour, it's not a bad vape (I wouldn’t have vaped my way through the bottle if it wasn’t) but if I was looking for “Camel”, it would given me the hump ;)  - so a nice liquid but not well named in my opinion.
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Re: PR KaMel - june 2010
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2010, 03:58:41 PM »
PR Kamel 18mg - June 2010

The kit I am using with this flavour is a Tornado, with the 510 atomiser and the TW nylon drip tip.

The colour of the juice is a pale orange,  the aroma from the bottle is quite herby, with a hint of citrus lemon. A lovely smell.
When dripping, the juice is a good consistency, not too thick, or too runny….just right (for me)

The flavour is very different to the tobacco flavours I have tried. (American Red Tobacco red label, state, virginia red label)

On the inhale, it feels quite thick, full of flavour, and a hint of lemon zest. Quite a unique taste for me.  Warm herbs and citrus, quite refreshing.

Throat hit is great, especially for 18mg. The flavour stays on the tongue and in the throat.  It does leave you quite thirsty though, I need to find a drink to enjoy with this one.

Vapour production is huge (I'm wafting it away to see what I have typed so far). It's quite thick.

For a juice with such a good flavour and high vapour production, I'm finding there is no aroma when vaping this.

PR Kamel is a definite for my personal must have list. For a different style of tobacco flavour. It's one I could come back to time and time again.

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Re: PR KaMel - june 2010
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2010, 08:18:49 PM »
TW Patriot Range KaMeL (18mg) June 2010

I could never get on with the tobacco flavours – just not my ‘cup of tea’ I’m afraid. Even the TW 555/State Express, I need to mix it with menthol and VG which, as luck would have it, has turned into one of my favourite vapes – the nutty aroma and the menthol seems to work very well together. Still, with a completely open mind, here’s my take on the KaMeL…..
Equipment – DSE901, new / primed atomiser, fully-charged 180mAh auto batteries, cartridge.

Colour of liquid – Clear light amber

Smell of liquid – Kitchen floor disinfectant, with a hint of aniseed.

Flavour / Taste – Almost immediately, I noticed that my tongue had been overwhelmed by a tingling sensation and, once that diminishes, along comes a floral / herbal taste. The whole mouth then feels like it has been stuffed with orange peel, making it seem very dry. Strangely enough, the exhale tries its best to refresh the mouth but fails somewhat because of the overpoweringly strong and dry citrus aftertaste – then the tingling tongue makes a brief encore.… 4/10
Throat Hit – With all that’s going on in the Flavour / Taste department, it could be possible to miss any throat hit but, no, it gives you a fairly good whack after exhale – great for an 18mg…..8/10

Vapour Content – To me, the saving grace of this juice is the vapour production – very good for a juice of this type….. 8/10

In Summary – Appreciating that this is quite a complex liquid but, sorry folks, this one didn’t do much for me at all in terms of flavour – even 10 mins after using it I’ve still got quite a dry taste in my mouth. It will certainly have its fans though and fair play to it - I liked the throat hit I experienced after the exhale and the vapour content is very pleasing. Although not a total disaster, the flavour is just not for me and the only advice I can offer with KaMeL is, when vaping it, have a chilled glass of water or a beer on stand-by. Chances are that you’ll need it…… 6.67/10

Happy vaping everyone…….


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Re: PR KaMel - june 2010
« Reply #4 on: July 08, 2010, 02:25:01 PM »
Patriot Range KaMel 18mg

This has been the hardest juice to review for me so far. I just can't pin the flavours down so I will as always give my honest opinion.

The smell is like a varnish and paint kind of thing. Definitely a chemical type of scent. Not unpleasant but not what I would expect. Its also pretty strong.

I used a LR 510 on a Screwdriver, as it's all I have at the moment. Due to this atty the vapour produced was huge and it packed a very good kick to the throat. More down to the equipment than the juice I suspect.

The flavour was the same as the smell. A chemically taste of paint, varnish or some kind of propellent. Im sniffing the bottle now to remind me and to be honest Im not sure if this is how it should taste. It's nothing like tobacco and nothing like any tobacco juice I've ever tried. So I've no idea how it got called KaMel.

Here's the suprising thing. I actually really enjoyed it lol. It was a very nice and strong tasting liquid. Totally unique, just don't expect it to taste of tobacco. It's sounds bizzare but I got through my sample in no time at all and enjoyed every last drop. I would happily vape it again. Maybe not for long periods of time but a few days at a time I could easily vape it without getting fed up with the taste.

If anyones having trouble tasting there liquids maybe give this a try, theres no mistaking this flavour, you should definitely be able to taste it.

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Re: PR KaMel - june 2010
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2010, 05:47:06 PM »
PR Kamel 18mg - June 2010

Im using for this review a LR Titan Atty with the Mega Tornado Battery and dripping using the TW Plastic Drip Tip.

The liquid is a brown/orange colored one with a very strange smell on it. To mind comes some spices or herbs like celery and hint of pepper mix. Good consistency can be noticeable on the liquid.

For the taste, If was for the smell I swear that this liquid is not for me. When vaped I can taste a lot more flavors with a strong flavor of wood and what i think is celery and or pepper. Definitely there is a floral flavor and a hint of citrus fruit. Also there is a good sweetness on it.

For the vapor production, what I can say about the vapor production on the PR liquid range? PR is incredible good for vapor production and this one is not the exception. Superb vapor production, very rich one.

Throat Hit, excellent hit with all that mix of flavors specially the first draw in the morning.

Overall this is a good liquid to vape if you like the peppery floral liquid and Im not in this group. To me it could be an occasional vape when I want to make a wakeup call to my taste buds because of the strong flavor and the super flavor production.

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Re: PR KaMel - june 2010
« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2010, 09:19:00 AM »
July 2010 Patriot Range Kamel 18mg

Gold color, slightly cloudy

Perfume, similar to a basket of potpourri.

First vape.
Whoa!  I almost wouldn’t take a second vape.  My initial reaction was a bit of a shock to the taste buds; I had never tasted anything like it before.   

Happy to report.
I am glad I pressed on.  Very quickly, by the third or forth vape, my initial reaction wore off.  Very complex flavor it tastes woody, spicy, perfume, and also little sweet.  I get a bit of a minty aftertaste to it, not like peppermint, it’s more similar to fresh mint leaves. It has a unique flavor I’d imagine a pine needle to taste like (I’ve never tried one).  Kamel grew on me and grew on me pretty fast, it’s a very interesting juice.

Throat hit.
It’s got a moderate throat hit to it, I feel a very slight tingle on the tongue and in the sinuses on the exhale.

Vapor production.
Vapor production on this juice is top notch.

Patriot Range Kamel is one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to someone who enjoyed clove cigarettes in the past. It’s not exactly a recreation of a clove cigarette, but if you like that kind of flavor this may be one to try.  I can see picking up a bottle for myself in the near future.

I'm no quitter...I'm a winner :)


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