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PR Coffee - July 2010
« on: July 04, 2010, 02:58:28 PM »
PR Coffee 18mg - July 2010

For this flavour I'm using a fully charged Tornado Battery, with a 510 atomiser and a regular TW cart.
On receiving the juice, it's a coffee brown in colour. But the aroma from the bottle doesn't scream coffee, which I thought it would do.  More a light tobacco smell.
On dripping this juice into the cart, it's quite a thick cosistancy, and took a while to settle into the filler.
I've been vaping this all through the day. The flavour I am getting above all  is a tobacco flavour. I was worried at first, as I couldn't smell the coffee, or even taste it, I thought I may have had a different flavour. I was confused for a while, but then it started coming through.
Sadly for me it's really not big in coffee flavour.  But there is an up side, I do like this juice, I am just getting more of a  tobacco flavour. Close to a milder version on the PR Tobacco Americano.
I'd be vaping it, and occasionally thinking ... oh, I tasted coffee then…
But it didn't last. it's not consistent in flavour, if that makes any sense.
I swapped carts, swapped to the drip tip, swapped atty's and battery...still no coffee for me.

There could be an explaination for my findings though,  probably due to the fact I drink black coffee all through the day, so maybe I've just become immune to the flavour.
It does sound like I didn't like it, but I enjoyed it, just needed more coffee in there for me.
The throat hit isn't huge, but the vapour production is. My mouth is also very dry after vaping this.
 It hasn't left any aroma either, in fact I can't smell anything in the vapour. I'm sorry for such a confusing review, believe me I'm confused too.
I'll be interested in reading what fellow vapers think of this juice. (Especially to see if it is the fact I drink far to much coffee to even taste it anymore)

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Re: PR Coffee - July 2010
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2010, 04:45:54 PM »
TW Patriot Range Coffee (18mg) July 2010

Tea is definitely my hot beverage of choice, especially in the mornings and my weekly consumption is measured by the gallon, that’s for sure. When it comes to coffee, I can make a 4oz jar of instant last well-over a year, mind you, what I do drink, I really enjoy. Funny that…  ::)

Even stranger is the fact that I can’t recall ever trying a coffee juice before, although I must confess to having an unopened 24mg coffee juice from another supplier amongst my stash – purchased late 2009, I just haven’t gotten around to using it yet, what with the menthols, fruits and the downright bizarre taking precedent…...  So, I was quite looking forward to having a go with the PR Coffee…….  :P
Equipment – 510, cleaned / primed standard atomiser, Zenith 280mAh manual battery (changing over to a Tornado 1000mAh), direct-drip method.

Colour of liquid – Clear dark brown

Smell of liquid – I’m struggling to get a whiff of anything, except for the faintest aroma of wood-preserve / creosote…..  :o

Flavour / Taste – I sat vaping on this for what seemed like an eternity – in reality though I guess it was only around 5 minutes before I got anything resembling a coffee flavour coming through. All I was experiencing at the start was like a heavy, thick dairy taste to the vapour. Imagine half a teaspoon of strong instant granules going into a large mug, filling with boiling water and then adding far too much full-fat milk or cream – to me that’s just how this flavour tastes in the end. Finally though, you do get a hint of roasted coffee which ends-up being overwhelmed by the dry aftertaste of the dairy product. Strangely enough, the more you vape the more the roasted taste increases, up to a certain level, but I was definitely expecting more in the way of coffee and less of the milk or cream from the off.…. 5/10

Throat Hit – Once again, it takes time before you notice anything regarding a hit of any kind but, arrives it does albeit in a mild, smooth way.…… 5/10 

Vapour Content – The juice seems to have a high viscosity, which I take to mean that there’s a chance of it containing more VG than PG and therefore producing more vapour. I was certainly not disappointed and vapour is chucked-out by the proverbial cubic yard. Excellent performance…. 9/10

In Summary – As I say, it appears to take an age for any coffee flavour or throat-hit to come through but, once it’s there, it’s reasonable although it’s quite a thick-tasting vape. If you leave it alone for any length of time, say, more than an hour and then return, I find that it takes time for the tastebuds to get going again with this. Vapour production though is outstanding and, for me, that’s a huge plus-point. ‘Vapour Content’ is where I’m always going to be at my most critical but PR Coffee is truly remarkable in that department.

Although it’s obviously a quality liquid it’s not really a juice for me in the longest term I’m afraid, because of that milky / creamy dryness, maybe it’s one to use very occasionally though. That said, it’s bound to have fans so if you’re up for a mild milky coffee with a smooth taste then the Patriot Range Coffee 18mg could well be one for you to explore……. 6.33/10

Happy Vaping everyone…….   :)


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Re: PR Coffee - July 2010
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2010, 11:28:18 PM »
My latest review as a TW Panelist is of one of the PR flavours – “Coffee” – supplied at 18mg

The liquid was used in a Screwdriver Mk 2 fitted with a 4075 atomiser and fresh cartridge. I've been vaping the liquid continuously exclusively since lunchtime.

The liquid is a dark brown colour – a slightly weak black coffee shade.  The liquid has no very pronounced at all – certainly I don't a coffee smell, merely something like a very very weak solvent.

As usual, the liquid flows well and is absorbed nicely by the cart filler.

When vaped, the liquid tastes “mild” and “smooth”– there is a bit of creamy coffee there, but one could easily persuade oneself that there is a very smooth tobacco component – although actually I don't think there is.  The aftertaste is pleasant – a smooth and slightly creamy taste with a dash of coffee and very little sweetness.

The liquid is noticeable NOT mouth drying and leaves and almost no stickiness.   The vapour is absolutely splendid and the hit remarkable for an 18mg liquid on both inhale and exhale.

The vapour smells almost smokey but doesn't hang about.

I really like this liquid – probably BECAUSE it isn't really very “Coffee” at all – but what is, is a really pleasant vape with a flavour that is pleasant and doesn't become irritating.  The more I vape it, the more I like it – I'm going to get some 36mg I think...
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Re: PR Coffee - July 2010
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2010, 04:10:29 PM »
PR - COFFEE 18mg

This liquid has no smell too it and is a dark murky brown colour,quite like
the colour of black coffee.

I was using the precious with a Low Res 510 atty whilst direct dripping
with this liquid.

I was expecting a black coffee kind of flavour with this liquid but struggled
to make out the coffee in this one,on the inhale i was getting a slight beefy
kind of flavour,then on the exhale a cross between a watered down beef oxo
cube (an oxo cube in the uk is what you make gravy stock from) and a very
dry smokey taste quite like a cigarette,it is probably a good idea to have a
drink at the ready for this one as it might leave you with a bit of a dry taste in
your mouth but for some reason this one seemed to have a taste that reminded
me more like that of a cigarette.

Plenty of vapour with this one with a good throat hit.

All in all i can't say im a big fan of this one mostly due to the beefy taste i was
tasting and to me it tasted more like a tobacco kind of liquid so this one just didnt
do it for me,if your into savoury or tobacco flavours this one will be more your kind
of vape.

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Re: PR Coffee - July 2010
« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2010, 10:07:48 PM »
PR Coffee 18mg

This liquid looked like coffee, almost black in colour. So I was expecting quite a strong flavour.
Sniffing the liquid in the bottle didn't really reveal any smell at all, which was surprising for a coffee juice.

I used a LR510 on my Screwdriver for testing and kept coming back to the liquid to see if the flavour changed at all.
First impression was that it had no flavour at all. I certainly couldn't taste any coffee.
Further tests I found it tasted of vanilla and pepper. Quite nice but way too subtle to notice without really concentrating on the vape.

I maybe detected the taste of coffee about three times over the course of the sample bottle. It was so faint. Kind of reminded me of the taste you may notice hours after you drank a cup of coffee.

In all honesty if it didn't have coffee on the label I would never have guessed that was what it was supposed to be. A very disappointing flavour that I would have no interest in buying.
I enjoyed it for what it was, it wasn't unpleasant in any way, just severely lacking in the flavour department.

Not a juice I would recommend for any reason.


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