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N/Port Menthol - May 2010
« on: May 20, 2010, 04:14:12 PM »
N/Port Menthol - May 2010

A very clear looking liquid which smells great out the bottle. Reminds me of a Halls Mentho-Lyptus sweet, but not the extra strong

ones. Quite a thick liquid which vapes nicely.

I used a couple of 510s on my screwdriver to test it out. Vapor production is pretty big, I suspect due to a thick VG or similar.
Throat hit is still there from the Menthol flavour at 18mg.

I enjoy mint and menthol flavours but when I make my own menthol I make it very very strong. It will make your eyes water. So this

comes into a far more subtle menthol that leaves a bit of a tingle on the tongue after exhaling. Very refreshing vape though.
It has a tobacco flavour to it that I can't quite figure out as again its quite subtle. Also maybe a bit of mentholyptus, im

guessing now though, and something which reminds me of the Tequila. It has a sweet taste.

It all works well together but I would prefer stronger flavours personally. An enjoyable vape which is refreshing, crisp and very

clean tasting. I don't think i've had a clear flavoured nicotine liquid before either. Recommend it to menthol smokers who are making the switch to ecigs or anyone who fancies a clean, not overpowering menthol which refreshes the mouth, Any Halls sweet fans should also enjoy it.

I can't think of much to say about it really. I do like it a lot, its very pleasant to vape. So again I will say its very clean

and refreshing.

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Re: N/Port Menthol - May 2010
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2010, 05:31:22 PM »
Patriot Range - Newport Menthol 18mg - May 2010

With this flavour I am using an LR atomiser, on a Tornado with a new TW cart.
(I'm vaping this, recovering from a head cold, I would usually vape this kind of juice to help me get through the cold quicker, but didn't want to waste the lovely juice on it.  All better now)

OK, on to the review.
This juice is very clear , and the aroma from the bottle of the juice isn't overly minty, but has quite a  nice citrus aroma to it.
When dripping it into the cart, the consistency is quite thick.

This menthol isn't like menthol juice I have tried in the past. (comparing to TW menthol,  which I really like)
Newport Menthol has a refreshing taste with a hint of eucalyptus. It's not an overpowering menthol and is quite  sweet too.

Although it is only an 18mg juice,  (I'm used to vaping at around 24mg) it does have a nice throat hit, not too harsh, and very cooling.

This juice gives off a lot of vapour, even now, when I'm sitting in the kitchen with the doors open and a nice breeze coming through, there is a lot of vapour.
On exhale, there is no aroma to me with this flavour.

I would buy this myself,   for the slightly different taste of the eucalyptus coming through. Personally I would buy it in a higher strength too. I think it would have definitely helped me get rid of the cold a little quicker.

If you like your menthol juices, this would be one to put in your stock, who knew there were so many different variations of menthol?

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Re: N/Port Menthol - May 2010
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2010, 10:29:04 AM »
TW Patriot Range N/Port Menthol (18mg) May 2010

I was never a fan of menthol cigarettes – far from it and I doubt whether I purchased more than 10 packs throughout my entire 33-year smoking ‘career’  :-[ . However, when it comes to vaping, it’s a complete switch-around and anything related to menthol or mint is usually towards the top of my shopping list, isn’t it strange how things work out? I’ve had the pleasure of trying-out quite a few menthol liquids over the last year or so – some have been refreshing and quite mild whilst others have literally knocked my socks off. In fact, the stronger the better is how I like it – so, how did the N/Port shape-up?
Equipment – DSE901, cleaned / primed atomiser, fully-charged 380mAh manual battery, cartridge. (Also, briefly, 510 LR atomiser, tornado battery, direct-drip method).

Colour of liquid – Clear

Smell of liquid – Slightly sweetish menthol, with a hint of wood.

Flavour / Taste – Straight away I noticed a creamy, silky kind of texture of the vapour and then the smooth menthol taste becoming apparent at the top of the mouth and towards the back and the tip of the tongue. I’m also picking-up a woody / lightly-spiced (in a mild, sweet sense) taste on the exhale, which becomes a tad less noticeable when exhaling nasally. It leaves the mouth feeling a bit on the dry-side (but not uncomfortably so) when compared to other menthols I’ve tried. That said, I like the way the menthol element itself plays around with the tongue, especially towards the tip. I just wish I could determine what that ‘lightly-spiced’ taste was? Even a quick switchover to the LR 510 couldn’t help me. Quite a pleasing, satisfying flavour, though …. 7.5/10

Throat Hit – Slightly below-par on the throat-hit for what is quite a smooth vape. It’s there but, as I prefer my menthols to be on the strong side, it’s not quite up to the level of others I’ve tried. Perhaps that’s the idea behind the formulation, so not to have your attention diverted away completely from the velvety taste? ….. 6.5/10 

Vapour Content – This is extremely good for a juice of this type and there has to be more than a drop or two of VG in this liquid to assist with vapour production. A wonderful surprise….. 8.5/10

In Summary – Definitely not one of the strongest or coolest menthol juices I’ve ever had, as I do tend to like mine that are almost capable of slapping you around the chops and biting your…erm… back-side at the same time  ;D  . Mind you, N/Port is certainly not one of the most docile around either. It’s quite complex and there’s a fair amount going on there, from the smooth taste to the unique combination of flavour which I still can’t put my finger on exactly. The slight lack of throat hit is forgotten when you’re being rewarded by the well-above average vapour production. If you like menthol, mint or ‘ice’ related liquids and are looking for something different but along those lines, well, the N/Port could well be worth having a play-around with…..  7.5/10

Happy Vaping everyone…….    :)


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Re: N/Port Menthol - May 2010
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2010, 02:20:12 PM »
This is my fifth review as a TW Panellist and is of one of the PR flavours – “Newport Menthol” – supplied at 18mg

The liquid was used in a Super T Super Six (at 3.7v) fitted with a TW 901 (4075) atomiser and cartridge. I've been vaping the liquid continuously since Saturday morning...

The liquid is to all intents colourless and very clear.   The liquid has a smell made up of mint, spearmint and a hint of tobacco.

As usual, the liquid flows well and is absorbed well by the cart filler.

When vaped, the liquid tastes (to me) remarkably like a menthol cigarette.  The after-taste is similar but possibly more spearmint.  The flavour stands up well to prolonged vaping.

The liquid is not overly mouth drying and quite “unsticky”. 

The vapour is good and the hit good for an 18mg juice – probably biased more to exhale than inhale… The vapour smells a lot like a menthol cig (but much weaker)  – but the smell vanishes very quickly. 

Overall I feel about this much as I used to about menthol cigs – OK for change.  A good one for ex-menthol smokers I would have thought…
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Re: N/Port Menthol - May 2010
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2010, 12:16:14 PM »

The smell to this liquid is a mild type of menthol which smells very sweet,
and it is a clear liquid with no colour.

i was using the precious with a Low Res 510 atty whilst direct dripping with this liquid.

Ive was never into smoking menthol cigarettes and ive only tried one menthol e-liquid favour before that was way to overpowering in the menthol department for me and i didnt like it at all so i didnt expect this one would be all that different on my taste buds,,but this was a lot milder tasting menthol,not too strong on the menthol side and had a nice sweet taste to it with a light tobacco undertone that i actually found myself liking,which was very suprising as i really didnt expect to get on with this liquid.

I was getting great vapour and the throat hit gave a nice kick without that overpowering menthol sting that i remember form my previous experience with the menthol type liquid.

overall this flavour kept me going back for more and to my suprise was a very nice vape,,and if im in the mood for menthol this will be the one ill go for,,,
i recon if you was a menthol smoker or you just like the menthol type juices this one is definately going to be on your favourites list,,,

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Re: N/Port Menthol - May 2010
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2010, 04:23:29 PM »
Totally Wicked Patriot Range - N/Port Menthol 18mg - May 2010

I’m not a huge fan of menthol. As a smoker I would bum one on occasion though. As a vaper now I do use it from time to time. Most menthol Eliquids all seem the same to me. The majority seem to be all menthol with no tobacco. However the tobacco element in this one does raise its hand and say hello I’m here, while still being somewhat over powered by the menthol ingredient. It does have a bit of the Lemon/Black Pepper base note present as with most of the Patriot range I have tried. Much like its namesake it is a good simulation of a genuine Newport cigarette. Throat hit and vapor are both excellent and do seem to be a trademark of the Patriot line. As with most menthol Eliquids this one will linger in your atomizer for awhile when changing flavors.

Hardware Used:         510 Tornado with LR Atomizer

Flavor                        Menthol with a tobacco edge.

Taste Strength           Above Average, will linger in atomizer

Throat Hit                   Excellent on the LR atomizer.

Vapor                         Excellent vapor

Overall Impression
If you’re a menthol fan this is a great entry and one you should consider trying.

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Re: N/Port Menthol - May 2010
« Reply #6 on: June 02, 2010, 05:33:50 PM »
PR NewPort 18mg - May 2010

I wasnt a menthol smoker and more specific doesnt like the menthol cigarettes at all but when I was out of my American Red Tobacco Lights I pick some B&H Menthol from my friend or American Red Tobacco Lights Menthol from other friend. This PR Newport remember me that menthol cigs experience. I think this is the closest flavor to the real Menthol cigarette with more on the sweet mint side and the perfect mint and tobacco mix.

I use the regular Titan atty for this flavor on the 510 gold SD.

The liquid has a rare clear pink color for a menthol flavor with a smell of a sweet minty tobacco.

On the flavor side, the closest flavor to the real menthol cigarette but with a sweet note, very pleasant. That is the beauty of vaping, a new world of flavor comes to us that even the no menthol fan can enjoy a menthol vape from time to time.

Very solid vapor production.

The throat hit is highly acceptable on a regular titan atty. This liquid has a good delivery of the 18mg of nic, you can feel it. ;-p.

For the menthol smoker and menthol vaper this one is a must and for the non menthol fan this one is a very refreshing vape that can be enjoyed from time to time when a change is needed.
Another winner on the PR line.

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Re: N/Port Menthol - May 2010
« Reply #7 on: June 29, 2010, 11:14:58 AM »
May 2010 Patriot Range N/Port Menthol 18mg

When I first started smoking I did start out on Newport, so I look forward to the trip down memory lane.

The color of my sample is pale pink and almost clear in opacity.  The consistency is medium to thin.  Today, I’m vaping on the Tornado equipped with a low resistance atomizer.

Opening the bottle I get the scent similar to when you’d open up a pack of spearmint flavored chewing gum.

It has very potent flavor to it, weighing more towards spearmint than menthol.  There is a bit of an earthy tobacco to it.  The taste is closer to a spearmint chewing tobacco than a menthol cigarette.

This juice has a one-two punch when it comes to throat hit.  It’s got the coolness of the mint along with a moderate amount of throat hit.  I felt the coolness effect a lot more than throat hit and it felt great on exhale it tickles the sinuses and leaves a very clean feeling. 

Since I went with the boxing analogy already, I would have to say the vapor production weighs in as a “middle-weight”.  Very respectable, but not exactly blocking the screen as I type this.

To be honest, Patriot Range N/Port is not on my list of must haves, it has been about 17 years since I smoked menthols, aside for a couple here and there I bummed at the bar when I ran out (beggars can’t be choosers). 

On the positive, it’s a great quality juice that vapes very well and has a nice finish to it.  If you’re looking for a cool tobacco flavor or you were a menthol smoker this may be right up your alley.

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