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Lemon - March 2009
« on: March 11, 2009, 04:21:39 PM »
Reviews coming soon.

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Re: Lemon - March 2009
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2009, 12:17:10 AM »
Ok, i've been testing this one out using a Platinum 901 with USB Passthrough and a brand new atomiser.

The liquid itself is a nice golden colour and giving it a good sniff you can smell the lemon but it doesn't seem that strong in smell.

To start with this was quite a smooth smoke and i could barely feel a throat hit which i was quite surprised about considering this was a 38mg liquid. Taking a longer drag i was getting a bit more of a throat hit but nothing compared to other liquids i've tried. Flavour wise i could taste the lemon but would say it was quite week and tastes rather like a Beechams hot lemon / Resolve, that sort of flavour rather than a nice sweet taste like a sherbet lemon which i was expecting.

A few vapes later and the new atomiser kicked in! Taking long drags which i tend to do and bang, that throat hit was there but that harsh hit which i'm not too keen on. Taking less intense drags it's much better nowhere near as harsh. The flavour hasn't got any stronger but it doesn't taste as much like the Beechhams now.

Vapour wise is does produce a fair amount of vapour but quite thinish rather than big thick clouds which i prefer.

I found that the more you vape it the less harsh it gets, so i tried putting less juice in the cart and dripping a little less and that seemed to reduce the harshness and made it a much better smoother smoke, with just a slight tingle if you exhale through your nose. It seems the more juice in the cart the more harsh a smoke it becomes.

What i did notice again was it did go straight to my head and i did need to keep putting it down and coming back to it. Obviously i'm not too good with the 36mg - i thought i'd be getting quite use to them now.

Sampling the 18mg liquid and it's pretty much the same, there's less of that hit and to me a much better vape, but its still got that (not too sure how to describe it) 'cold remedy' flavour to it.

Would i continue to smoke it? Yes, its not too to bad, not what i was expecting from a lemon flavour. Probably not my first choice though.

Would i buy it? Probably not, for me there's better flavours out there but this is my own personal preference.

Flavour: 6.5/10
Flavour Strength: 6/10
Vapor: 8/10
Throat Hit: 8/10 (Less hit with the 18mg)
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Re: Lemon - March 2009
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2009, 08:01:55 PM »
hi all,

here is my take on the TW lemon:-

the liquid itself is a fairly clear, light brown colour with no nasty bits floating about. what i did notice was that the 36mg juice i recieved is darker than the 18mg.........i have no idea why! when taking off the cap i straight away got a nice strong whiff of lemon which reminded me of the Mr Muscle lemon scented cleaning solution (thats not a bad thing by the smells nice!)
when filling up a TITAN cart with the 18mg i noticed that the liquid is very runny........hardly any thickness to it at all.


when i heard we was getting lemon, i was really looking forward to it. i was expecting a really refreshing, citrus taste with a bit of a zang to it.
after the 1st few tokes, my 1st impression was that i really liked it. not quite the taste i was expecting though. i found it to taste kinda like a lemon merangue (is that spelt right???) however, the more i vaped the less i liked it and i must agree with goffski that it tastes more a lemon beechams.
its a kinda nice taste........but doesnt really do much for me.


it gives off an adequate amount of vapour but nothing special. and bearing in mind that i used a TITAN i found that quite surprising. again, i would describe it as a mist, rather than a fog.

throat hit

i found that even the lower 18mg juice gave an excellant throat hit, which didnt really seem to match up to the amount of vapour the juice delivers!!

very good!

the results were similar with the 36mg juice but flavour was over powered by the increased harshness.

in summary

taste: 5 out of 10

vapour: 5 out of 10

thoat hit: 10 out of 10

which gives a total average score of:-

6.5 out of 10

in the words of my old school reports..........tried hard, but could do better
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Re: Lemon - March 2009
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2009, 08:45:48 PM »
Lemon e-liquid does not possess a very strong scent; it has slightly acidic notes to it, but it is not discernable as being specifically lemon whilst in the bottle. It's a clear fluid with a slight yellow colour to it.

On vaping, there are very clear lemon juice tones. When I say juice, I mean without the citrus peel taste you might associate with lemon. It is very much a taste of acid, juice without peel. Although you can discern that is it indeed lemon, there are none of those lovely rich citrus peel tones you might get with real lemon. The nearest I can equate it to, is biting the middle out of a wedge of lemon. The intensity gets stronger as you vape, and I found I could taste the acid overtones for around 20 minutes afterwards. At first, it was quite pleasant, but I wasnt at all keen on that aftertaste. I have found myself looking at the bottle and not really wishing to try it again, which doesn't say utter hatred. More, I could take it or leave it, really. I'd prefer not to have the acid aftertaste.

The strange thing is that for some reason I get that intiial taste kick I got from the ginseng; a kind of flowery taste, which is hard to describe, though the acid overtones mask it on exhaling.

Vapour production is about average, the flavour outweighs the vapours.

36mg is too harsh, and I am a seasoned 36mg user!!! I prefer the lower strength but even so the flavour is just too much...

I have tonight mixed the 36mg fluid with vanilla Loranns, unflavoured 36mg  juice, and some glycerine (3:1:3:6). It has made the world of difference and I am now actually enjoying the flavour! This is suddenly vapable and reminds me of the limoncello I really adore. Wow what a difference! It is probably a strength of 18mg, the acid taste has been cut by the vanilla, but is still just present. I still get the ginsengy flower taste when I inhale but I am actually quite liking it.

Maybe lemon is a good 'mixer'?!! I cannot say that the flavour is "all-bad" at all, having mixed it, but on its own I would definately not vape it. I will happily vape the mix I have made, however :)

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Re: Lemon - March 2009
« Reply #4 on: March 26, 2009, 05:14:45 PM »
Lemon 18 & 36mg

This is another one where I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but was very curious. Was it going to be like sucking real lemons? Smoking sherbet lemons? Or vaping a Lem-Sip?

In other reviews I have stated I am not a sweet flavour lover – however I do like citrus flavours and have been known to suck the slices of lemon in my G&T’s  ;D (and the limes in my Gimlets)

Equiptment – Picked out a freshly drained silver pen (with my trusty usb) and dripped on an evo.

Colour – Quite golden yellow 
Odour – Yep there’s lemon in it
Viscosity – Medium allowing good sized drops, but can make filling bigger carts harder

Vapour – 8/10
Vapour Odour – Some – kinda smells like you’ve been rolling your cigs out of lemon wet wipes
Quantity – Fair to good on the 18mg – buckets of it from the 36mg

Taste 8/10
How to describe it? there is a lemon taste, not quite lemsip, but not quite sherbet lemons either. Certainly much stronger in the 36mg sample, and one of the few that has made me really cough when I overdid it.
It’s also quite a powerful flavour, and could leave your e-cig tasting of it for some time, which is ok if you like it, or were using a complimentary flavour, but not so good if you wanted to switch to a more subtle flavour. This is another one I would keep for certain atomisers.

Hit 8.5/10
Ranges from the pretty punchy (in 18mg) to bloody hell!  :o :o(in the 36) Not a flavour to take 30 second draws of.

Would I buy it?
Now here’s where I have a problem with big bottles.
With some flavours (State Express, Cigar, Menthol, Bulldog etc.,) I would happily buy 30ml or even 50ml bottles, as they are all day every day flavours.
But others (like this, ginseng, and other strong flavours – what I would call novelty flavours) although I want them in my stock, I can’t really justify 30ml bottles of the stuff  – 10 or 15? most certainly, 20? Maybe at a push, but 30 or 50? Probably not.
I’m still struggling to keep this ‘hobby’ low enough to even match what I spent smoking rollies. So come order time I’ll buy a bottle of what I can vape all day, maybe two depending on atomiser expenses for that month. But if I could pick up wee bottles of ginseng and lemon I might justify that as a treat, or an order filler.

Verdict – 8/10
Good strong, and again (like the ginseng) quite clean flavour. I like it, but as a novelty flavour not a regular.

Talking of which I had a feeling this would mix well with some ginseng, and finished with a 50/50 mix– to all you that do like your ginseng This Rocks!

A fantastic vape, maybe not one you would want too much of, but a real refreshing change. This might even be enough to tempt me into buying a bottle of each.

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Re: Lemon - March 2009
« Reply #5 on: March 28, 2009, 03:15:37 PM »
TW Lemon

E-cig used was the Titan.

The smell of this one was as you expect, not overpowering though, but a definite lemon essance, the liquid was as always very clear and free from impurities, a lovely golden colour this one has to it.

I mainly tried the 36mg sample as this is my regular stength, it has got quite a kick, an acidic bite to it, not as harsh as the Ginseng but you know your vaping it, i'm going to make some comparisons to the Ginseng here, it does have that flowery quality to it as well, i can't really pinpoint it but it tastes more of a chemical lemon flavour, not a true lemon zing and i have to be honest it wasn't my cup of tea, but taste is subjective.

The vapour production is very good, it also has a lemony scent to it, this could be an excellent mixer this one as it doesn't have an overpowering base taste to it, for all you DIY chemists out there it may be a buried jem.

I also tried the 18mg version and it was a lot smoother but i think it also drops a lot of the flavour into the bargain.

Throat Hit     8/10
Vapour         8/10
Flavour        7/10
keep on bombing!!!


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