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Cigar 24mg - July 2009
« on: July 16, 2009, 07:32:38 PM »
Tried this on the Evo(m401) with passthough and the Stick (801 atomiser)
The liquid itself is a straw colour, a little darker than average for TW liquid, and is of pretty standard thickness. It has a slightly sweet smell, but nothing terribly noticable.
The first thing I noticed on vaping it is the throat hit - its quite 'raspy' more like a cigar than a cigarette, and it came as a real shock (so much so I had to have a bit of a cough :P ) The flavour is definitely of strong, dark tobacco, and its quite a strong flavour too. I don't think its quite the flavour of the real thing, but it's certainly far closer than the 701 (electronic cigar) prefilled carts.
It's a bit rough to make an all day vape (in the same way that I couldn't smoke cigars all day) but it is very nice. In a spirit of experimentation, I mixed it with french pipe, and the combination is the single best tobacco flavour I have tried :D

Flavour 8/10  - A lovely dark rich tobacco taste
Flavour strength 8/10 - A pretty strong taste
Vapour 6/10 - Average
Throat hit 10/10 - Considering its 24mg, this has a lot of throat hit

Overall 8/10 - My memory says it's not quite real cigar flavour, but it's certainly a dark rich tobacco flavour, so it's got to be pretty close :)
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Re: Cigar 24mg - July 2009
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2009, 10:44:38 AM »
i was rather excited at getting the TW cigar as im a big cigar juice fan.................and i was not dissapointed! :)

its a browny coloured liquid and i found it to smell kinda smokey but also a little sweet too........kinda buttery? i loaded up a cart for the micro pipe and was soon in vaping heaven. on the inhale you get a very nice tasting rich, dark tobacco flavour which i found to be very close to the flavour of a real cigar and after vaping for just a few minutes it really does make me feel as though ive had a very satisfying smoke. i get the same satisfaction that i would get when having a cigarette after a nice meal.
the throat hit is very strong and raspy on the throat which again is very similar to a real cigar and it produces a good amount of vapour too :) but i must admit that i wasnt inhaling that often as quite simply i was just enjoying its rich full flavour.
i then switched to using a titan and experienced the same satisfying results. strangely enough, i found myself using the titan as though it was a cigar or pipe, rarely inhaling and instead just enjoying the flavour!

i recently reviewed the G120 cigar and that for me had the nicest tasting carts EVER! i honestly thought i would not be able to find a cigar flavoured e-liquid that could match it but the TW cigar is definitely very a happy chappy :)

overall, definitely one of my fave juices of all time!

taste: 9 out of 10
throat hit: 9 out of 10
vapour: 8 out of 10

total score: 9 out of 10

right, im off to buy a big bottle of the stuff!! :)

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Re: Cigar 24mg - July 2009
« Reply #2 on: July 17, 2009, 01:29:20 PM »
Ordered a bottle of 18mg Cigar and have been vaping it for a while now. I was quite keen to try this one as I do prefer tobacco flavours and a while back I had a disposable cigar that was described as 18mg Cuban.

The liquid itself is  another pale straw colour, it doesnít really have much of a scent to it but I have been a little bunged up recently.

Started off using this with the titan, its got a sweetish taste too it but itís quite harsh compared to the 18mg (surprised at the difference between the two). I wouldnít say it tasted too much like a cigar but then Iíve not really come across a tobacco flavour that actually tastes like tobacco, they all seem to be fairly sweet. Beyond that sweet taste I do get a slight smoky flavour so I guess thatís the cigar coming through. The disposable Cuban I tried had quite sweet taste to it but it did taste slightly different (not too sure how to describe the two).

Vapor production is pretty good, its producing a good amount of vapour with both the titan and EVO. The throat hit is very strong compared with the 18mg and I did find it too much, same goes for the liquid itself, I couldnít vape it for too long as I was finding it too strong for me.

What I have found is the 24mg goes great with a few beers, Iíve been vaping this in the pub and itís great with a few cask ales. Itís probably due to the amount of beer but I seem to forget about how strong it is and how harsh I was finding the throat it.

Would I continue to vape it? Yes, without a doubt, just not all day every day, this one is for taking down the pub and enjoying with a few beers.

Would I buy it? Well I originally bought the 18mg before receiving the 24mg to review but once thatís gone I probably would buy it again, possibly sticking with the 24mg just to vape while having a few beers.

Flavour: 8/10
Flavour Strength: 6/10 (I think the throat hit takes way some of the flavour)
Vapor: 8/10
Throat Hit: 9/10 (Quite a harsh hit)

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Re: Cigar 24mg - July 2009
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2009, 02:11:15 AM »
Totally Wicked Cigar Flavor 24mg
Well right off the get go this flavor surprised me with how it delivered a distinct cigar flavor at the same time without stinking up the room or the car. It's flavor is mild and not overwhelming. But definitely a solid cigar emulation without doubt. On the Titan the throat hit is very strong, on the MicroPipe it is a little smoother by a small amount. I have found just puffing on the vape is a a lot more satisfying then directly inhaling it.

My rating
Flavor 9/10  - A mild cigar flavor. Does not linger/stick to the atomizer for long.
Vapor 8/10 - Had a nice amount of vapor on the MicroPipe, more on the Titan.
Throat Hit 10/10 -  Remember though a cigar is not really meant to be inhaled, just puffed on. When inhaled it is very strong, much like with a real cigar. The same seems apply for French Pipe also.

Overall 9/10 - I really only ever used the sweet tip cigars and pipe tobacco cigars like Backwoods, but this one is growing on me and has left a good impression on me. When I purchase a bottle I will add some flavoring to get it more to my liking, taking it to a 10. I think that is down solely to the individual.

Dad's first impression (True Cigar/Pipe Smoker)
I let my father have a go at it, figuring he was a real cigar/pipe smoker and wanted some input from him.
Seeing that this is Cigar flavor, he is the intended user/market.

Wow...... tastes like a Macanudo cigar!!! He was shocked at how closely it was to puffing on a real cigar.(His first reactions were very impressive) He was very shocked with it's flavor, and again stated it is a great cigar flavor. Said it tasted very much like a good bulk of the mild cigars on the market. Stated the idea of it was great, now that most are forced to smoke outdoors this is nice to have for when you don't have the time to smoke an entire cigar in one shot. No need to cut the cherry off of a partially used cigar as well. The lack of a lingering musty cigar smell is a real strong point, this can be vaped in a non cigar freindly house/establishment with very little issues. He had only tested it on the MicroPipe, which I imagine to closely mimic the electronic cigar sold here.

Dad's rating
Overall  10/10  - A very pleasing mild cigar flavor and a perfect replacement for those who can't smoke a real cigar, or are looking for an alternative. More public freindly than the real thing.

All in all it lives up to its name and should be treated as such. If you don't like cigars, it would probably be best to avoid this one. If you are a Cigar smoker this is an absolute must have E-liquid. And a perfect companion for the E.Cigar

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Cigar 24mg - July 2009 - Review by JRB2inFL
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2009, 03:05:43 AM »

My Trusty 510Titan - &  DSE901 MINI


The color is a light golden color and clean.

A light sweet (almost buttery) scent.

The vapor is very good... Better than average for both the 510 and 901 atomizers. :D  

I really liked this flavor! It's not a sweet cigar flavor as the odour may have led me initially. In fact, it reminds me of the Romeo y Julieta brand I've "treated myself to" in the past. When it comes to cigars I prefer the nuttier flavors versus the sweet brands.Disclaimer: I am a tobacco flavor fan and find myself vaping Tobacco, Virginia and American Red Tobacco flavors most often. When I used to smoke analogs the occasional Cigar came into my life on holidays or bachelor parties etc, etc.  This in no way makes me a cigar aficionado or connoisseur. That being said, I do know what I like and I was very impressed with the flavor of this liquid.


This has a strong but managable flavor.
The 510 really tones down the Cigar flavor initially but the juice is still able to deliver on the exhale! A very true to life nutty cigar flavor... Just really mind blowing to me!
In the 901, the flavor is so robust I didn't even have to inhale which allowed me to enjoy a true cigar smoking experience!   ;D
I will warn you that this vapor scent does tend to "linger" or "hang around" more than my standard flavors but it eventually goes away completely.   :o




SOLD!!!  I'll probably grab a bottle for special occassions!  ;)

Flavour: 9 / 10 - This is what a cigar flavor should be...
Vapor: 8/10 - Above average
Throat Hit: 8/10 - You know it's there!!
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Re: Cigar 24mg - July 2009
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2009, 09:16:16 PM »
Cigars are not really my favourite to be honest but I gave this a go. When you open the bottle it even smells a little like a cigar which I took to be a good sign as some liquids can have a slightly "fake" smell if that makes any sense (as in slightly artificial). The liquid is the usual high standard we all know that TW produces  although I did find it slightly thicker than some.

For the vapeing I used my brand new Titan with a manual battery and a clean un-used cart. So what can I say...blimey! Its strong stuff which gave me almost made me cough. The flavour is very strong (just like a cigar) and from what I can remember almost spot on. Its just a pity I'm not too fond of it.

The vapour even smells slightly cigar like with a slightly sweet edge to it and the production is very good but its not something I could vape on all the time.

Flavour 9/10 (I find it quite intense and very cigar like.)
Throat Hit 9.5/10 (A powerful vape indeed which almost make me want to cough at first.)
Vapor production 8/10 (Very good but not the best I've had.)

Would I buy it? No but thats only because I prefer the fruit flavours.

Final Rating 9/10. If you like cigars then add this to your E-liquid list!


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Re: Cigar 24mg - July 2009
« Reply #6 on: September 27, 2009, 05:02:44 PM »
The cigar has been a total revelation to me, because Iím not someone who has ever smoked a cigar. I recall the aroma from pubs and from childhood and it always struck me as an extremely strong, cloying  and deep scent which hung in the air heavily.

This isnít what I taste when I vape the cigar flavour. But it also cannot compare with any of the other tobacco flavours on sale from TW or other suppliers. For a start it completely lacks the pepperiness of Virginia or Tobacco. For another, it is much smoother and less harsh.  It may not be the heavy cloying aroma from my memory but it most certainly isnít a traditional tobacco flavour liek many other flavours out there. It also lacks on the strong nuttiness that some of the tobacco flavours possess.

I prefer it to most of the tobacco type flavours Iíve tasted. It is wonderfully mellow and rich without being over the top. It lacks that overtone that camel or American Red Tobacco cigarettes possess, which I have also smelt on some cigars.

I cannot say Ďyes this tastes like a cigarí, but I can comment Ďno it doesnít taste like a cigar smells, so it wonít knock you flat!í
The vapour is good, as is the throat hit. 

As a non smoker of cigars, I would buy this again, it is enjoyable.  Iíve only used my sample as an occasional vape (being someone who prefers the fruit flavours)  but Iíve enjoyed it non-the-less.


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