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Black Tea - August 2009
« on: August 17, 2009, 10:00:47 PM »
Ok so my 1st official review  ;D

As above the chosen flavour was Black Tea and 18mg
My chosen tool was the SD with a 901 and 801 atomiser.

1st off the smell did not remind me of the label on the bottle.
Can't quite put my finger on it.
Not like other Juice that smells just like the taste, if you get me.
However it is a sort of nice smell and not one to put you off vaping.

First go was with a new 901 atomiser.
Straight off the mark it was a rather weird experience.
I remember this from the 1st time I tasted the TW coconut, and was shocked at the likeness.
This juice tastes exactly like black tea, but needs a few spoons of sugar for my taste.
Now If I could add that I would be a happy bunny.

The throat hit is good and vapour production is also great.
The flavour for me is spot on.
I even went in search in the supermarket down the tea isle for the closest match.
So far Yorkshire Tea comes very close to the mark.
The 901 gives great results with vapour production and no disappointment with this juice.

With the 801 the flavour is slightly enhanced, and very good vapour production.
And it did seem ever so slightly sweeter, better for me.

All said and done this was a good experience.
A good throat hit with a sort of dryness to it.
Tea lovers it's worth a shot and for me a lot better than the Coffee for exact taste.

So the over all score.

Flavour 7 - 10 for me needs some sugar, two lumps please
Throat hit 8.5 -10 Very nice for 18mg
Vapour 8 - 10

Over all I quite like this one, but I do drink a lot of Black Tea.

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Re: Black Tea - August 2009
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2009, 01:16:34 PM »
the liquid is a nice light yellow colour and after taking the top off and giving it a good sniff i decided that it seemed to have a slight smell of tobacco. i started off with using the prodigy and by direct dripping 5 drops straight on to the 901 atomiser. after a few inhales i was nicely surprised by the amount of vapour i was getting and was very pleased with the nice strong throat hit.

but did it taste like black tea?

well, not greatly to be honest! i definitely get a very nice taste that i would describe as a cross between tobacco and liquorice on the inhale and then an extremely faint aftertaste of what could be the black tea coming thru. however, i think this is a very enjoyable flavour to vape and i can quite happily use it all day long!

just to be certain about the flavour i decided to switch over to a 801. again, i direct dripped a few drops straight onto the atomiser and began vaping...............great vapour, great throat hit but still a distinct lack of black tea flavour.

even though i found the actual black tea flavour is not strong enough i still rate this e-liquid as a highly enjoyable vape!

but i guess you could say its just "not my cup of tea"  boom boom!

vapour  8 out of 10
throat hit  8 out of 10
flavour 6 out of 10  (even though i like the flavour a lot, ive had to give it a lower score as for me personally it doesnt really taste like what its meant to)



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Re: Black Tea - August 2009
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2009, 03:50:01 AM »
TW Black Tea 18mg

Now this is one I was wondering about.

On the Titan the flavor came through quite nicely and is really extremely pleasant tasting to me.
Much like a nice cup of tea or iced tea. I found it to be only mildly sweet, but quite pleasing.
It also vaped well on a 801 with a little more flavor coming through. The flavor is not real strong
or overpowering but quite mild, very similar to a cup of Black Tea.

It has qualities that make it fine to use on its own and possibly as a liquid that could be mixed with
other flavors such as fruity ones for those that like to dabble.

Vapor production is pretty much inline with most of the flavors sold here.

I found the throat hit to be just right in my book on the Titan. Not too strong or weak.

Used it all day long for multiple days and it never got old on me. Now that part really surprised me.
Once I started using it ..... it was the only liquid I used, and I vaped it down to the last drop literally.
To the point of placing it upside down to get the very last drop out.

So all in all, Black Tea is a new flavor to add to my collection of favorites.

Taste Strength         7/10 not overpowering at all, will not stick to atomizer

Throat Hit                8/10 just right in my book

Vapor                      8/10 average vapor

Overall Impression    10/10 Bought a 30ml bottle at time of writing this review, with more to follow.

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Black Tea - August 2009 - Review by JRB2inFL
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2009, 12:18:51 AM »

The Trusty 510Titan &  DSE901 MINI

The color is a light golden color and clean.

A light aromatic, almost floral to this untrained "Tea" nose! :-\

The vapor is nice... Average vapor for both the 510 and 901.   

It's not a tobacco-like or a sweet flavor. Almost "herbal" by nature. I hate to say it this way but I felt like I was vaping pot pourri!?!  A dry floral flavor with a hint of "bitters". Perhaps a spoonfull of sugar as a fellow reviewer has suggested? ;)

This liquid has a light, dry floral flavor that leaves a bit of bitters behind. When it comes to Teas I have absolutely no culture at all, but I will say I did not dislike the experience. If it had a bit of sweetness to the flavor I would probably be more accepting.
The 510 does tone down the Tea flavor slightly... seems to be an accepted characteristic of the 510.
In the 901, the liquid was a bit more flavorful from the first draw. That potpourri reference pops into my head ... yet again!  ::)   


Probably not, Although I would highly recommend it to the Tea drinkers in my circle. In fact I gave a sample of my sample away already just to get some feedback.... still waiting!    :(

Flavour: 6 / 10 - "Just not my cup of tea..."   ::)
Vapor: 7/10 - Average
Throat Hit: 7/10 - Average
Vape On!

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Re: Black Tea - August 2009
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2009, 09:16:51 PM »
Ok black tea eh. An interesting one this and I was looking forward to it. It has a pretty standard colour to it but the liquid itself smells like...well I'm not sure really. Not really like tea but sort of. Again I used my new Titan with the manual battery (which I'm loving..can you tell? :)

The flavour is very tea like indeed which almost made be break out the biscuit box but I don't think a rich tea would dunk very well in e-liquid. Its a mild vape with a good taste but It could be slightly sweeter. I spent a whole day vaping this which is odd for me as I am always swapping flavours, and I carried on for half the next day.

Vapor wise its about average and the throat hit is about the same so its easy vaping for as long as your batterys hold out.

Flavour 5.5/10 (Could be a bit stronger and sweeter.)

Throat hit 7.5/10 (On a par with most other TW juices.)

Vapor Production 7/10 (Ditto throat hit.)

Would I buy It? Yes but maybe I would try the 24mg

Final Rating 7/10. If you're a tea drinker then you should buy this, if you want it a bit sweeter then you could try adding a drop of glycerine.

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Re: Black Tea - August 2009
« Reply #5 on: September 16, 2009, 06:18:40 PM »
Tried this on the Evo(m401) with passthough and the Stick (801 atomiser)
The liquid itself is a light straw colour, a little lighter than average for TW liquid, and is of pretty standard thickness. It has a slightly sweet almost floral smell, quite a lot like loose leaf tea.
The flavour is definitely of tea, but more of a Earl or Lady Grey type than generic tea (to me at least). Its quite a strong flavour but has some quite tobaccoey elements to it as well. Pleasant, in an odd kind of way.
It's not an all day vape for me, but it's different :)

Flavour 7/10  - Nice, but not really my cup of tea :P
Flavour strength 7/10 - Not as strong as some TW flavours, but I expect it would be a bit OTT if it were stronger
Vapour 6/10 - Average
Throat hit 8/10 - Quite a lot of hit for an 18mg
Overall 7/10
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Re: Black Tea - August 2009
« Reply #6 on: September 27, 2009, 08:00:06 PM »
As a tea drinker I was pretty curious to try this; I drink gallons of the stuff every day! So i wasn’t disappointed to discover that this is every bit as flavoursome as real tea. It does stand to reason that one nation of tea drinkers would find producing a decent quality tea flavour easy.

The scent is very much like the smell when you open a packet of tea but a lot less strong, you have to get your nose up close!

It has a very nice strong quality tea flavour, pretty much what you’d expect from brewing a good quality loose black tea in the pot.  Don’t expect a great sweetness from this flavour as it really hasn’t got one, just a really good depth of flavour.  Great vapour and a nice pale liquid.

I don’t really feel there is a lot more to add to this description, it is exactly what it claims to be in terms of flavour, which makes a great change from some of the flavours out there!

I should think anyone who enjoys a nice cup of tea will really enjoy vaping this one. And if you’re not particularly into the fruit flavours and bored with tobacco, it’s well worth a try.  Whether it would become an all day vape is really dependant on how long the flavour lasts before you personally get used to it; I vaped all mine up in the space of a couple of days but in that time the flavour stayed fresh with no ‘getting accustomed’ loss of flavour.

Good flavour, very much enjoyed!


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