Author Topic: Ukvapers down, TW threatening legal action?  (Read 7065 times)

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Ukvapers down, TW threatening legal action?
« on: July 09, 2012, 07:23:59 PM »
Just noticed Ukv is down and saw this thread on ecf:

Is tw threatening legal action to Ukv?
Just trying to figure out what is happening

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Re: Ukvapers down, TW threatening legal action?
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2012, 07:34:14 PM »
Whats happening is long overdue. UKVapers is persistently allowing posts that are un-founded, libellous, Slanderous and personally insulting. Enough is enough. I also found out that ECITA uses it as one of their fronts. They have a stooge on Admin there who hounds non members and allows indirect harassment of vendors who have not coughed up their 600 per month. I got forwarded recently two documents.

1. Is how ECITA harass and lie to flavour houses, telling lies that if the flavour houses sell to anyone not on the ECITA list they will be liable as vapeing flavours is potentially dangerous.

See the info i was sent.. The sender is Annonymous and will remain that way. However ECITA Just messed up..Bigtime.

Always remember..No Smoke without fire. And do not believe all the hype from the mod sellers, ECITA members on UKVapers. They have their AGENDA..I Now have mine. To Exterminate a HIVE.


Hi Jason,

hope you are doing well :)

I've something to tell you that you may find interesting regarding ECITA.......but i must stress that the source of this info MUST be kept confidential please. if you mention it to anyone then please do not disclose that i told you!

i have a friend who wants to start a business selling flavourings. my friend has been in contact with several manufacturers and started to do some deals but then discovered that their father actually has a very good contact that owns a large UK flavouring company and so he made a few enquiries on my friends behalf.
everything was going quite positively until he mentioned to the company that the flavourings were going to be used for making e-liquid for electronic cigarette users. the company then immediately pulled out of being my friends supplier and stated that it is illegal for them to supply flavourings that will be used for e-cig purposes as they are not regulated

somewhat puzzled by this, my friend asked them to explain further

they replied to say that they were contacted by a trade association to warn them that they need regulation to be able to supply companies with flavourings to be used in e-cigs and that it is highly dangerous for menthol flavourings to be vaped!

my friend then asked who exactly gave them this warning........they replied to say that it was an official trading body called ECITA

sounds to me like ECITA are trying to create a monopoly by giving out false warnings to companies thus ensuring that people only use DV for their flavouring supplies........its akin to mafia style tactics!

but like i said......I NEVER TOLD YOU THAT! ;)

and also, how the hell can katherine be head of ECITA and at the same time be the sole director of Decadent Vapours!!?? link -

all very dodgy if you ask me and i can fully see where you was coming from when you mentioned ECITA last night on UKV
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Re: Ukvapers down, TW threatening legal action?
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2012, 07:48:15 PM »
Also i have a fully copy of a thread that UKVapers could not get rid off fast enough. Tom Pruen AKA Crossbow..The admin and mod there draws over 3k a month from ECITA. Is the Partner OF Devlin, Miss Electronic Cigarette Trade association.

he fails to let the community he Shepherds know his HUGE Conflict of interest. Told you UkVapers has been hi-Jacked by a not very honest or noteworthy trade association. and mod Makers who cannot stand any competition. Hence time to end their current story. They do not know it yet but the Bitter pill they are now swallowing will be sweet when ECITA folds.


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